The mischievous creature who calls himself Q has subjected Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise to many of their strangest experiences. But little had been known of Q 's curious existence or that of the advanced dimension from which he comes. But now Picard knows more than he ever dreamed about an ancient conflict whose consequences might spell the doom of the whol galaxy.

The galactic barrier has fallen and Q 's oldest enemy is free once more. Captain Picard and his crew find themselves in the middle of a cosmic war between vastly powerful entities. The future of the Federation may be at stake, but how can mere mortals turn the tide in such a superhuman battle? Picard has to brin way, or neither the Q Continuum nor the galaxy will survive.

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Q-Strike (Star Trek: The Next Generation #49)
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Published September 1998 by Pocket Books

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rated it

I have seen a lot said about how Star Trek does not respect continuity well in these books there is a lot of respect for that.So why the mixed feelings.

rated it

So when I walked into Half-Price books earlier this mont, I returned to the Star Trek shelf and simply picked up all the ones that had " Q " in their title.

With thi being acknowledge, if you 've seen the Q episodes in TNG, DS9, and Voyager, you ca pretty much be able to writ the book regardless of whether you 've read he irst two.

What Picard and Co. do n't understand is that the barrier is a prison of sorts, protecting the galaxy from a Q-Like creature named 0.

Q sweeps Picard back in time to show him firsthand how disastrous breaching the barrier will be, leaving his wife ( Mrs Q) and his wif ( q) aboard the ship.

While Picard and Q are off in flashback land, the Calamarian ( who you might remember from " TNG: Deja Q ") are trying to murder Riker& Co. And exposure to the galactic barrier is taking its toll on every empath and telepath aboard the ship.

As the crew struggles to survive, the Bajorean scientist ( Faal) finally manages to breach the galactic barrier.Back in the flashback Picard agrees that Yeah, maybe messing around with forces beyond human comprehension IS N'T such a crash-hot idea and Q brings them back to the present.

At that point, there 's to little the mortals in the story an do, though Picard does try to provide distractions as 0 chases Q all over the ship playing some fucked up God Version of the Most Dangerous Game.

Mrs. Q, again, ca n't really help since she 's busy trying to save q from a mad scientist.

rated it

It 's fine to tak the reader comfortable touch points to other ST books and series, but most references were pedestrian and it felt like the write ha obviousl trying to show he knew a lot about the ST canon.It 's fluffy reading and it 's nice to visit with the protagonist, but unfortunately it 's unsatisfying.

rated it

While there is n't much I ould have considered cutting from the tory, I till loo like this story should have been condensed into two volumes.

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