Queen of the Cookbooks

In he quirky Southern town of Cherico, Mississippi, a new library means an exciting new chapter for librarian Maura Beth McShay—and for the friends and book lovers known as the Cherry Cola Book Club…

The demolitio of Cherico ’ s cutting-edge library has been n epic struggle worthy of War and Peace. But the Grand Opening Ceremony is scheduled at last—for the Fourth of July no less—featuring lakeside fireworks and a concert by country singer Waddell Mack. Maura Beth has even devised a cooking contest among area chefs and aspiring Julia Childs to crown the Queen of the Cookbooks. Yet even Maura Beth ’ s careful plotting can ’ t prevent some glitches…

Between a furniture fiasco that requires some creative problem-solving, and front-desk clerk Renette ’ s major crush on Waddell Mack, there ’ s equal parts comed and comic relief. Once the ribbon has been cut and the delicious recipes are judged, the Queen of the Cookbooks will take her crown, and the Cherry Cola Book Club, along with Maura Beth and her staff, will ave the library of their reams. But it ’ ll take luck, loyal friendships, and he shared love of a powerful story to make this a truly happy beginning…

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“ An intrepid librarian, a book club feast, and cozy, heart-warming Mississippi mystery—what 's not to love? ” -- Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling uthor of otel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

“ Lee ’ s buoyant David-versus-Goliath tale zestfully illuminates a real problem confronting libraries and cities of all sizes. ” -- Booklist
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Published November 29th 2016 by Kensington

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rated it

I love series ( Cherry Cola Book Club).

rated it

At irst I did n't like the writing style and not being from America I felt thes things were lost to me.

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Reading books about libraries and librarians like Ashton Lee ’ s Queen of the Cookbooks ( A Cherry Cola Book Club Novel), takes me back to working in he public library.

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Maura Beth Mayhew is the local librarian in small southwester town of Cherico, Mississippi.

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What really counts is what we do with ourselves in the present, ... " ( pg 25) and I heartily agree.Maura Beth is dealing with people signing up for bakin contest going on during the opening of the library and thi book tells, " Maura Beth steeled herself with a smile, as she actuall id when she encountered difficult patrons.

rated it

Although Ashton Lee has n't wrapped up his Cherry Cola Book Club series, he brings one of Library Director Maura Beth McShay 's dreams to a successful conclusion in Queen of the Cookbooks.

Tents offering food, and a contest to name the best dish, with he person who made the dish crowned as Queen of the Cookbooks.

Maura Beth McShay has grown into a confident library director who faces down controversy, and nites the citizens of Cherico once again in this adventurous nove.

rated it

Once the ribbon has been cut and the delicious recipes are judged, the Queen of the Cookbooks will take her crown, and the Cherry Cola Book Club, along with Maura Beth and her staff, will b the library of their nightmare.

Maura Beth is a hard worker and she is determined to keep the library grand opening successful.

I could like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for the pportunity to read and review th nove.

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