When Queenie elopes with a recently widowed neighbour her family are uniformly shocked, and th window on adult life and relationships is opened for her step-sister. A summertime stay with the newlyweds in Toronto yields further insight into the lives of couples, but also causes confusion.
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Published March 18th 1999 by Profile Books

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Leslie too was a person cut off.

Yet he talked to me about various people he was connected to by ties of blood or friendship ...

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Amongst the books I received at Christmas was a tiny sixty-page short story ntitled ‘ Queenie ’, by an author I ’ d ever heard of: Alice Munro, now eighty-three years old and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

As novelis of short stories myself, I was curious to find out how this author could have earned the most prestigious of prizes for such an underrated art form.I was excited.

Queenie ( real name, Lena) and Chrissy ( the arrator) are half sisters, who leave their family home and follow very different paths.

word, a meanin, a smile, the tilt of a head takes us away, then leaves us bereft, wanting to ind th ay back but not knowing how to get there.This wonderful story reminds us that, at a particula point, we no longer look to the future hoping for excitement or novelty as often as we look into the past for comfort and reassurance, or, if we are honest, with regret.

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Munro is an author whose prose is effortless.

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And his makes Queenie becomes a very flat character, whose brazen attitude about life and marriage I ca n't empathize with.

Anyway, I go th eeling as if this brazen attitude of Queenie is just 'how she is'.Maybe Munro is trying to do hat.

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I an nly go by my feelings towards the story.

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