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Dwie wyraziste bohaterki, które mają wiele do ukrycia, mistrzowski styl i zawrotne tempo akcji. Z połączenia tych składników powstała książka, od której trudno się oderwać, chociaż czasami trzeba zamknąć oczy ze strachu.
Stephnen King, „ People ”

Nazywa się Agatha. Ani brzydka, ani ładna. Układa towary na sklepowych półkach. Dręczy ją bolesna przeszłość i obsesyjne pragnienie dziecka, miłości i rodziny. Ukradkiem obserwuje Meghan, kobietę, która ma wszystko, o czym ona może tylko marzyć. Powoli zdobywa jej zaufanie, z perfidią realizuje plan, który nabiera coraz wyraźniejszych kształtów. Uparcie dąży do celu i jest zdolna do najgorszego, bo dawno przestała odróżniać dobro od zła.
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Isbn 13
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The Secrets She Keeps
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Published February 15th 2018 by HarperCollins Polska (first published July 11th 2017

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rated it

I as just oing to ay that I was hooked from the very beginning to the end but that could not of been a true statement.

I hought it was comin to hav thi whole different genre at first.

Meghan has two perfect children, a handsome fiance, named Jack, a happy marriage, a popular group of friends, and she writes confessional posts on her popular parenting blog.

She follows Meghan everywhere and watches her with her group of friends at a offee shop.

Megan 's perfect life is comin to change.I absolutely love this author.

rated it

Yet in “ The Secrets She Keeps ” by the brilliant Michael Robotham, its easier than it seems and Meghan and Agatha, both of the main haracters in that ook, are guilty of it to some degree.

Agatha has struggled all of her life, going through a variety of trials and tribulations with little or no support from friends or family.

“ The Secrets She Keeps ” is a wonderfull written psychological thriller from Michael Robotham.

he fictio is a rilliant character study of how two omen, both pregnant, can ave completely different psychological and socio-economic backgrounds and how that can affect how they act towards their families and their children and the extremes they will o to, to protect themselves and their needs.

Wis you to NetGalley, Scribner and Michael Robotham for the pportunity to read and review this ovel.

Final review published on NetGalley and Goodreads on 6.25.17.

* ill be published on Amazon on 7.11.17 Initial Review posted 5/23/17.Robotham 's latest packed one heck of a punch and the Secret was a STUNNER!! I ca n't recommend this one highly enough!

rated it

But you know what they ay about assuming .... The book alternates between Agatha and Meghan 's point of view.When Agatha looks at Meghan she sees someone with the perfect life.

Her favorite part of ay is when Meghan comes into the store.Agatha knows A LOT about Meghan 's life.

She wants her schedule, husband and children 's names, as ell as what time Meghan picks up her daughter from school.

She nows Meghan 's mothers' group meets every Friday morning and even what each woman orders to drink.

She hinks Meghan makes motherhood and marriage look easy.But Meghan 's life is far from perfect.

Meghan hopes that once the baby is born things will go back to normal, that they would be happy again.But Meghan has secrets ... and she 's actually the only one.So many secrets.Agatha finds out that Meghan is pregnant with baby number three and that they hav both due around the same time.

But Meghan does n't happen that this little conversation has solidified a friendship ( in Agatha 's mind).

If Meghan only knew that a seemingly unimportant conversation with thi woman stocking shelves at a convenienc store will turn her life upside down in ways she never imagined.

rated it

There are no secrets here- I bsolutely oved how his story was told and what a perfectly fitting title! THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS by MICHAEL ROBOTHAM is a gripping fast-paced suspenseful character-driven psychological thriller that had me completel engaged, entertained, and interested throughout th hole nove.

MICHAEL ROBOTHAM delivers an engrossing and angst-ridden read here with absolutely wonderful character development and an extremely enthralling storyline.

rated it

Meghan is having her third 'oops' child, is married to the well known, good looking sports commentator, Jack, and runs a popular mums blog detailing her everyday life and personal thoughts.

Agatha is not above being manipulative when it goe to her elationship with Hayden in her efforts to ensure that it is as wonderful as it can be.

I was articularly impressed with the complex and authentic characterisation of Meghan and Agatha, not to mention ther characters such as Hayden and Dr Cyrus Haven.

rated it

Meghan is keeping a ignificant secret from her husband Jack.

- Good looks, money, the right circle of friends!

Another is one of those page-turning psychological-perplexing stories that woul have you wavering in thought -- but never any hesitancy of eagerness to know how his story is going to conclude.

THERE WAS NOT HUGE TWIST ..... WHICH WAS FINE WITH ME .......... instead I was left thinking about the scars people live with -- suffering and loneliness -- destructive behaviors, trying to make sense of of lies, manipulations, motivations for distortions, the effects from inadequate parenting skills, and the anger of shocking sudden loss.

To 'some' degree -- ( even those with no history of mental illness), often people have a very critical inner voice of themselves ..... which looks a little like Agatha 's inner voice: " The creature is blaming me -- listing my mistakes, my stupidity.

There are othe* secrets* in " The Secrets She Keeps " ..... and many lies.

rated it

Begi to finish! Meg and Jack have it all.

The is their 'oops' baby.Agatha, a troubled woman with a sad disturbing past, works stocking shelves at the local market.

She covets everything Meg has from her beautiful straight hair, her stylish maternity jeans to her seemingly perfect life.

Told from alternating points of view of both Agatha and Meg. Characters were brilliantly authentic.

rated it

Agatha however, perceives Meghan 's life to be absolutely perfect- living in a beautiful house with the handsome TV sports presenter husband, two children- a irl and th oy, no financial worries, and a wide circle of stylish friends.

Agatha is expecting too, and she longs to connect with Meghan, but they ave completely opposing lives, with Agatha working in a local restauran.

rated it

Agatha, a store clerk, and Meghan, a stay at home mom/blogger with a seemingly idyllic life, two me who are markedl different in class and style, find a common ground when their lives casually intersect.

When th book first started getting a little buzz, I realised I wanted to check it out for myself.

That is a well constructed thriller, that not only kept the suspense level at a maximum peak, but ha an intelligent, lever, and distinct novel.

Both Meghan and Agatha have backed themselves into a corner which adds another rich layer of stress to the tal, bringin it an unrelentingly tense atmosphere!

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