Raven's Shadow

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Raven's Shadow
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Published December 6th 2011 by Penguin Audio (first published July 27th 2004

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rated it

A series is engrossing and heartwarming — featuring middle-aged Seraph and Tier, and their three adorable " gifted " kids.

good duology for teens and adults who like character-driven fantasy.

It 's stated in 3rd person, and beautifully narrated by Jennifer James Bradshaw.Main protagonists: A family of farmers with secret gifts.

Family members: Seraph a mage ( Raven) married to Tier the Owl, about ten years lder than her, having served 9 years in the imperial army, he 's a lie-detector bard with gifts of music, memory, and charisma.

Her story unfolds slowly across both books.There is also an emperor, young, spoiled, and tire, but growing in braver and wisdom every day ( I loved how Briggs developed Phoran, the 27th emperor).

rated it

Tier was n't cary like Charles ( in the Alpha& Omaga) or as andsome as Adam ( Mercy Thompson 's mate/hasband.) He as a Bard, a retired soldier, and ow a farmer, who ca sing, tell captivating tales, farm, soothe, recruit, lead anyone to fight for he ood and the right! What I oved best?

Seraph and Tier had three children who were born with magics needed to save their world!

Tier, you wo n't wan any good if you fall over asleep.

rated it

I 'm sure, since the first direction was n't he way I seemed to head.This is only the second series I 've read by Briggs.

rated it

It 's clear that Patricia Briggs can work the same magic for traditional fantasy that she does with her urban fantasy and werewolf stories for this reader.

I can admit that there were parts that were slower and harder to ead, and that 's due to the intricacies of the worldbuilding ( keep in mind, I do n't ead a lot of heavy-duty, traditional heroic fantasy -- so keep the urge to sneer under wraps if you 've read a lot of that and consider this book child 's play).

And, I like that she kept the story ocused on the characters and their ourney, and even on the actual magical aspects.

Apparently though his is n't th romance book, they ar a great drea, and I was oping that things migh work out for each other.

Their love was a steadfast thing that empowered them, ven if they did n't remember the words to each other.Tier and Seraph 's kids: Jes, Lehr, and Rinnie, all play mportant roles.

Jes, Lehr and Rinnie 's gifts really came in handy in this tale.

But, the hings that I ove about Patricia Briggs' writing are there for me to enjoy.

I like how she make you characters that have flaws and troubles, and you end up getting heavily invested in their tories, hoping for the best for them.

It 's focused on the characters, but it has the traditional heroic fantasy elements.

rated it

hank you to my lovel friends at Fantasy Buddy Reads for reminding me that Patricia Briggs had a few books before Mercy!

rated it

he nex two thirds of th novel were somewhat boring.

rated it

Man weeks ago I read this last ook in Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series and I was hooked.

I ent on to read each of the Mercy Thompson books, the Alpha and Omega series, and the Hurog duology, but obviousl this one got buried deep under my to-read pile.

rated it

I never wan to now where that dark figure went and what ill become of these fabulous characters.

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