Red Water

In 1857, at place called Mountain Meadows in southern Utah, a band of Mormons and Indians massacred 120 emigrants. Twenty years ater, the slaughter was blamed on one man named John D. Lee, previously a member of Brigham Young 's inner circle. Red Water imagines Lee 's extraordinary frontier life through the eyes of three of his nineteen wives. Emma is a igorous and capable Englishwoman who loves her husband unconditionally. Ann, a bride at thirteen years old, is an independent adventurer. Rachel is exceedingly devout and married Lee to be with her ister, his las grandchild. These spirited women describe their struggle to survive Utah 's punishing landscape and the poisonous rivalries within their polygamous family, led by a magnetic, industrious, and considerate husband, who as also unafraid of using his faith to justify desire and ambition.
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Red Water: A Novel
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Published April 8th 2003 by Anchor Books (first published December 31st 2001

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rated it

It took me ack to my Mormon days, even though it showed some major differences between the church we know now, and he cathedra in the early hours.

it ha intriguin, even though I still now that the church changes with the times, but claims to be eternal established truth, and old doctrines are forgotten by the current members.One thing that has n't changed is believing the Second Coming is always right around the corner, " within our lifetime! " Brigham Young was even telling everyone it would be here by 1890.The personal tales were rather engaging, even Rachel 's, though her personality was n't extremel ikable, poor bitter old fanatical thing.

rated it

delightful historical novel based on real people, Red Water is told from a standpoint of three different omen, who appen to be three wives of the same man: John D.

rated it

A book deals with polygamy and is only an apology for the practice.

I feel this book explored three various wives beliefs regarding why they entered into polygamy, And why ultimately the practice did n't always work for everyon.

rated it

I also fel that she refused to tell he story through the point of view of three of his ives.

Emma was the trongest part of trilogy, for me, I hink because Emma is experiencing the key events as they happen and she come into great detail about her elationship with Lee. The other two wives are remembering the past.

It 's the great concep to tell a story from all three points of view because it underlines how difficult it is to sift fact from fiction.

After Emma 's portion, the boo really slows down, I kept with it but it ha n't asy to change gears into Ann whose section is about discoverin a runaway horse and includes lots of descriptive language about the landscape.

Lastlly, one of thi way I take issue with is the characterisatio of Brigham Young in this ovel.

rated it

You g to see, fictionally, how the events of that day affect their lives as a polygamist family helping to settle that area of Southern Utah.I found it surprisin how the author changed voices as she switched narrators in thi tal.

rated it

And a lot of confusion as to why an author wil make such a choice in combining three disparate writing styles into a single novel.Red Water examines, through fiction, the life and death of John D.

second part of this memoi is disproportionately large -- fully half the boo is dedicate to the interpretation of Emma, and English immigrant who becomes Lee 's eighteenth wife.

When it was, it was due to the events happening and not Emma 's narrative voice, which mus have nhanced the action of thi tal and made it far more memorable.The final portion of thi essay, told from the point of view of Rachel in the style of a journal spanning the year following Lee 's execution, was o oring I almost gave up the book unfinished.

More imagination and more egard for the reader 's esire for entertainment are required.Contrast these two difficult parts ( one, again, fully half of this ong novel) with the middle portion, told from the point of view of Ann, Lee 's youngest daughter, a cross-dressing, possibly bisexual, horse-wrangling, smart-mouthed, strong-willed girl who ants no children and who entered into a polygamist marriage as the next in a long string of adventures she intends to have.

( In truth she did it for nother reason, one that marks her as a shrewd and caring person, even at th ery young age, and further develops her character.) Ann 's narrative voice is in the first person and the writing craft displayed in this part of ook is rapturously gorgeous.

rated it

I wanted he book well enough, but it 's definitely written in nteresting style.

rated it

While the writing is ba ( unlike many modern styles that distract from the story they are intendin to tell), I found that my interest in historical boo about real people is limited.

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