Religion: The Ultimate STD: Living a Spiritual Life without Dogmatics or Cultural Destruction

Religion as a social problem has been cited in any of its aspects and as a cultural virus of the ind, yet few have described it as an actual virus. This is another novel that has ared to go where no one has gone before and without destroying spirituality for the masses. Instead spirituality and living a awe inspired life without fait is it core element. Both the dangers of the virus that creates religion and the spirituality it has usurped are seen in a clear light. The joys and angers of excluding others as well as the threat of religion as it has encroached on society is discussed in detail.
it shows us all that we are miracles and that we matter. Religion here is seen as ore than just its obvious structures but also in its hidden influence that can shape even ideologies that oppose it. Within the reader an learn how a wholesale abandoning of the precious structures and art that have inspired so many to creativity and spiritual paths is not the ath of spirituality. The ath is only a veiled path of cultural destruction that will continue to breed intolerance toward those that really just want to help humanity against its greatest threat, religion. Religion and atheism needs to stop creating a cycle of cultural argumentation that manifests itself in ignostic dialogues that do not o anything but create intolerance. Here in the ook you migh ind a means to decide for yourself a cultural path of spirituality that is our inheritance long before religion. For only when humanity comes together in recognition of our pandemic state will people learn it is technically a solitary choice but a joint venture for justice, equality, empathy, and altruism that reaches beyond a cloistered ideology of religion and unbelievers.
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Published August 30th 2014 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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Another book lacked much of the bigotr that one finds in New Atheist writings, and is often critical of New Atheism but that is one of its strengths in my opinion.

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