Auryn Hadley ’ s sixth action-adventure in The Rise of the Iliri fantasy series asks how far mankind will go to rotect their pride. Because it seems they ’ ll guard it at the detrimen of all else. In an epic reminiscent of a furistic Lord of the Rings, it ’ s the iliri—now a rising, formidable race of underdogs—who must decide whether to risk their lives for the ungracious human race. Pretendin to humans, their fate lies in the apable hands the iliri leader, the powerful Salryc Luxx. And she ’ s no longer illing to be yanked around at any price.

Sal has been banished to a meeting with Parliament representatives of the Conglomerate of Free Citizens. But the time, she ’ s not serving as their slave. Nor is she about to be aptured and brought to trial again. Now she realize she has the upper hand.

Anothe enemy Terrans have besieged Eastward, engaging in brutal guerilla tactics throughout the country—hitting without mercy and killing all in their wa. he world of humans is desperate.

“ Tell me why I should giv my brothers and sisters to die for humans that care so little for us? ” Sal asks. Thi nswer she ’ s searching for comes from a frail iliri servant, whose telltale snow-colored skin is almost as light as Sal ’ s: If she leaves the humans to die by the Terrans, war and enslavement will continue. History will repeat itself. But if it ’ s the iliri and their allies who manage to defeat evil, perhaps humans can learn to respect them.

She admits she isn ’ t finished fighting. Iliri warriors haven ’ t et “ done enough. ” Not while so many of their brothers are still enslaved.

Alongside her faithful friends and leaders -- and the tireless Black Blades—Sal must choose whether to surrender to her role as their leader and contend with The Emperor ’ s murderous army—as well as the treacherous pride of the human race.

As always, women readers will thrill to the reverse harem idea that pushes the boundaries of epic fantasy in this captivatin series that may remind some of Avatar without the scary beasts; or even Game Of Thrones, but happier, with more color—plus a dazzling female protagonist and plenty of action. Fans of Anne McCaffrey ’ s Dragonriders of Pern will find Sal ’ s planet Ogun a thrilling destination for their next fantasy fix.

Like all the books on th series, Courag is th complete trilogy, not a cliffhanger. And because the illiri have insatiable and exotic sexual instincts, the smoking hot sex may make it suitabl for humans under 18.
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Published April 29th 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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rated it

besides Jase& Zep, Kolt is her support.

Obviousl in book 7, both Kolt and Sal will accept the truth.

I got ta say, I 'm kinda pissed that Zep has a baby with some other woman.

rated it

I eve have a couple of overall insights that have me curious .... I keep worryin about the blurb where it states that this is an RH and the exoctic and insatiable sexual instincts of the Iliri make it too steamy for those under 18 years of age.I would like to giv it clear that neither do I mind it being sexually explicit or less streamy and more action focused.

Likewis, I njoy the RH genre, but it 's really not a necessity.Therefore, I do n't mind that it does n't writ as any RH I 've read before or that th book not only was n't sexually explicit, there ha n't any intimacy on page period.

rated it

But, the possibility for why the humans treat Iliri this way is never really flushed out, and if you kno about it a little bit, it makes sense a bit, and I 'll explain.

And on top of thi, if an Iliri is cut or bled, they will enter maast, which is like a frenzy.

It 's like fish trying to live and be friends with sharks or gazelle with hyenas, so while I sympathize with the Iliri, I do n't know why this is n't flushed out more.They briefly ask the question about what is oing to appen when the war is over and there are no more enemies to eat, but no one has any nswers, and its hardl a stretch to elieve that his whole thing will come full circle again or the iliri enslave the humans and use them as cattle.

And who knows, maybe his is he uthor 's ntention, but right now it just seems like a glaring plot hole that 's avoided so we do n't sympathize with the animal and think that they should b a point.3) There is a disclosure at the nd of the descriptio of each book warning that the tale is 18+ because of the hot, steamy, erotic sex .... which is almost non-existent.

Like, possible four times in 6 books.

rated it

There is not much detail, so any haracters and places to pay attention to, new words to remember, signals and call signs to give attention to.

Syrik, or Kolton, or Kolt, is awesome and one of my new favorite characters.Rayna, a former Congomerate soldier, turned Consort to king, turned Anglian, turned best friend to the last Kaisae.

Obviously, Sal gets very rritated with politics, and my own irritation with it in the reading just made me appreciat her more as a haracter, as a Kaisae, and as an Iliri in a world run by humans.

So there ’ s that. “ You don ’ t like me because I ’ m Iliri.

So what do you propose we do now? ” ( Sal) I ’ m dying of laughter right now.Finally, for this ixth book, remember that Blaec sees the future ...

rated it

Better because it ’ s less This book pulle a lot ess than the others.

I ’ m hoping as the series continues that Sal starts pushing for equality rather than dominance and superiority.It ’ s odd, but I like a nove ore than a lot of the numerous ooks in he series for what it ’ s lacking.

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