his third volume of the Ken Games series gives us a profile of Peter Fermat ( aka Rock), th young woma who, like each of the three main protagonists, is leading a double life. His story opens with a boxing match which has a nasty ending for the up-and-coming boxer, despite his victory. It ’ s not long before we realiz that Rock is not only striving to make it in the boxing world, but is also kin of a mathematical genius, which is how he et his best friend, TJ. For he tenth time in all their years of friendship, TJ introduces Rock to a friend, the lovely Anne. Anne and Rock soon establish a bond of trust when Rock discovers that Anne too is living a double life, even though Anne ’ s secret is not exactly what she leads Rock to believe. This is mayb anothe eginning of the tangled web of lies and decei that gets ever more convoluted as the series goes on…
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Isbn 13
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Published November 2015 by Europe Comics (first published April 1st 2009

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rated it

emale character had a twist at the nd that I did n't see coming.

rated it

But hen, neither said best friend, nor that fellow in turn 's new fiancée are exactly telling the truth about themselves in this preque.

rated it

THEN there was twist so out of left field and BIZARRE that I was like, " what the hell did I just read?! " It all ort of made a little sense when I realise the real translations of the three parts of thi series were " Rock, Paper and Scissors " and his was Rock, the tory of the boxer.

rated it

Now a good comic, but it must have been muc better with th more original story.

rated it

( Ha!) A great story in which characters show unexpected facets and subvert your expectations, with a boxer/mathematician called Rock at the enter of the third tal, and his friends Paper and Scissors coming to the forefrunt in the followin volumes.

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