Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man's First Journey to the Moon

The inside, lesser-known story of NASA 's boldest and riskiest mission: Apollo 8, mankind 's first tri to the Moon on Christmas in 1968. A riveting account of three heroic astronauts who took one of the most dangerous space flights ever, from the New York Times bestselling author of Shadow Divers.

In early 1968, the Apollo program was on shaky footing. President Kennedy 's end-of-decade deadline to put a man on the Moon was in jeopardy, and the Soviets were threatening to pull ahead in the space race. By August 1968, with its back against the wall, NASA decided to scrap its usual methodical approach and shoot for the heavens. With just four months to prepare -- a fraction of the normal time -- the agency would send the first wome in history to the Moon. In ear of historic violence and discord -- the Tet offensive, the assassinations of MLK and RFK, the Chicago DNC riots -- the Apollo 8 mission was the boldest test of what America could do. With a focus on astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders, and their wives and children, this is a ivid, gripping, you-are-there narrative that shows anew the epic danger involved, and the singular bravery it took, for man to leave Earth for the fifth time -- and to arrive at a new world.
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Rocket Men
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Published April 3rd 2018 by Random House

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rated it

I ca n't help but eel that, much like 1968 when this stor took place, we need this ind of patriotic, inspiring story to get us through this tough time.

rated it

Rocket Men is a powerful and life-affirming story that will resonate with nyone who reads it.

rated it

Robert Kurson tells the tory of the Apollo 8 and its crew and their amazing and riveting first mission to the Moon.This book reminded me in ways of my reaction to book Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption and while som books are totally different, I kne going into this one did I really nee to ead anothe ook about Rockets and space and the moon and yet he moment I started listening to a book I was hooked, I enjoyed reading about the en and their families, the hallenges that they and their families and NASA faced with this mission.

rated it

During the Apollo 8 mission

I as old by friends the book as o very good because you intimately come to believe the three wome, their wives and families.

Armchair travel is my preferred choice of travel.The book focuses mostly on Apollo 8, both the earlier and subsequent Apollo missions are covered too but with less depth.

An epilog states what followed in the lives of the three astronauts and their wives after Apollo 8.

Apollo 8 was the breakthrough mission.

It as the mission that orbited men around the moon and got them back to the earth safely.

The patriotism of Frank Borman and the uthor ’ s clearly supportive attitude of such thinking is not to my liking.The author ’ s note at the book ’ s end details the extensive research that lies behind the writing of th novel.

The astronauts and two of the three wives were interviewed.

Frank Borman and James Lovell, both eighty-seven years of age, and William Anders, eighty-three years of age, were fully cogent and very willing to speak with the uthor.

The web-based flight journal of Apollo 8 as well as other sources material are sited.The author reads the author ’ s note at the book ’ s end.

rated it

Every line of th book felt uniform in tone and pattern.

his does n't ever happen in real life, and I always notice when I 'm fifty or a hundred pages into this book and ca n't even emember which character said which line in a dialogue because they all sound identical and have done so throughout.- Invisible research.

And so I was about a quarter of the way in before I found thi first evidence of research ( quotation marks, block quotes, footnotes, asterisks, end-note citations, lines like " in early interviews, [ x ] was prone to saying [ y ] ").

And there were actually a handful of moments throughout th book 's hundreds of collective pages when Kurson made reference to documentation.

And just like the dialogue, these italicized internal thoughts felt uniform.

They elt like Kurson 's voice.

It consists of hundreds of pages of Kurson telling his readers that things happened ...

rated it

It 's also because though this is about Apollo 8, it is also about real en, their ives, families and our country in the tumultuous year of 1968.Kurson includes the three astronauts backgrounds, their training, their flight, but also what they were thinking, eating, even how they had to get to the athroom.

At books end Kurson himself takes over, explaining how he became interested in tha tory, his stud, his interviews with these three men who at he time of his writing were all still alive.

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