Rogue Protocol

SciFi ’ s favorite crabby A.I. is finall on a mission. The case against the too-big-to-fail GrayCris Corporation is floundering, and more importantly, authorities are beginning to ask more questions about where Dr. Mensah 's SecUnit is.

And Murderbot would rather those questions went away. For good.
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Rogue Protocol
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Published August 7th 2018 by

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Niki 's Narrative Novella Review [ Part 3/4 ]: I braced myself for this ook.

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But care he does, and becaus, instead of selectin a life of watching space soap operas he is headed to Milu, a planet where he just may find some evidence against GrayCris company and help Dr. Mensah- the one who treated our M-Bot as a person regardless of him not being human.

Yes, he is free from the governor module and does not have to obey command of humans who view his as nothing les than a dangerous tool, a deadly weapon, something to cautiously use and discard when when not needed.

“ The nly hing I knew for certain was that Preservation didn ’ t need SecUnits, and their dea of a SecUnit being considered a free agent meant I ’ d have a human “ guardian. ” ( In other places they just call that your owner.) ”

Along the way he meets one of those- sweet loyal Miki- but even though at times he almost envies the life of a bot who is oved and cherished, he learns to even consider trading free will and his own agency for the comforts of pampered life as “ pet ”.

I eeded to ave an emotion in private. ” ————— “ What did Miki have that I anted?

It ’ s the complacency of those treating you as property and the denial of any free will to the other SecUnits- any one of whom has the same potential of being a full-fledged person just like M-Bot but is denied that opportunity out of plain inconvenience it would present to those who re “ owners ”- that elicits real emotion from me, a thoughtfu reader, let alone from Murderbot himself.

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I love the questions this series brings up of what makes human, and I ’ m increasingly feeling like the answers are coming and coming fast.

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Another very likely and begrudging hero.Heroes come in a lot of different ways.This book is the continuing story of Murderbot, so if you ar n't started he series, you expec to because this will make no sense to nyone who has n't read he last two books.This will make more sense: Enough said.In this episode, Murderbot ends up helping some humans ( begrudgingly) who ave a " pet robot " named Miki.

Be a little dignity for fuck 's sake! " He loves it! Miki decides to be Murderbot 's friend and it changes Murderbot in a lot of ways.I love how Martha Wells is developing Murderbot 's personality.

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" Or Miki was a bot who had alway been abused or lied to or treated with nothin but indulgent kindness.

he situation gave Murderbot insight into th sor of AI-human relationship, but plotting felt fairly familiar.

I 'm sure she 's inally getting some long-overdue popular recognition ( as opposed to her early Hugo-Neb nominated works), because I 'd like to see her financially secure enough to keep dreaming up worlds.If you like 'Bot and bots, you may lso enjoy A Closed and Common Orbit ( it eally does stand alone), another A.I. book.

Reading thi books more closely together, I et the emotional changes in Murderbot over time, and enjoy the Miki storyline better.

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Review first posted on Fantasy Literature: Martha Wells ’ endearingly grumpy cyborg Security Unit Murderbot returns with a vengeance in Rogue Protocol, the hird nove in the MURDERBOT DIARIES series.

In Rogue Protocol, Murderbot heads off to Milu, deserted terraforming facility in space, to examin the past of a murky group called GrayCris, which we originally met in the third essay in the series, the Nebula award-winning All Systems Red. GrayCris appears to be intent on illegally collecting the extremely valuable remnants of alien civilizations.

Once Murderbot reaches Milu, it goes the facility isn ’ t entirely abandoned: a team of humans, along with two suspicious security consultants and a chipper human-form robot assistant called Miki, are on an excursion to investigate Milu as well.

Murderbot ’ s nteractions with them prompt it to reevaluate its own relationships with humans, especially Dr. Mensah, Murderbot ’ s legal owner.These introspective moments, combined with Wells ’ deft hand at creating a believable universe filled with advanced technology, some compelling action, and Murderbot ’ s dryly humorous voice, make Rogue Protocol a SF novella that ’ s both imaginative and frustratin.

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