Room with a Clue

Lady Eleanor Danbury thoroughly enjoyed the view of the ocean from the rooftop garden of the Pennyfoot Hotel, until someone pushed her over to fall four stories to her death. In order to keep secret the goings-on of her illustrious guests, Cecily takes on he task of tracking down th iller.

There are no shortage of uspects, since Lady Eleanor managed to alienate everyone with whom she came in contact. That includes the downstairs staff of the caf, the fellow aristocrats staying at the motel, and thus her own spous.

Since Inspector Cranshaw of Scotland Yard is bound and determined to shut down the Pennyfoot and put a stop to all the hanky-panky, Cecily must work fast and be terribly discreet, or she ight lose her home and her livelihood….
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Room with a Clue (Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries - Book 1)
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Published June 27th 2012 by Amazon Digital Services (first published 1993

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rated it

But despite lying outside my preference, I couldn ’ t help loving the book from nex page.

S despite an Edwardian mindset, Kate Kingsbury created no stereotype in which he is snobbish.

There is an entertaining difference of opinion but he is compassionat and in the right circumstances, ight be personal friend.Maybe the historical component avoids being dry or ostentatious because Cecily isn ’ t prim, or because all of the focus leans on one thing that time doesn ’ t change: people are people.

rated it

And why is everyone referring to the victim as nothing but " milady " it read like an affectation people put on when they try to pass for someone they are n't and became annoying long before the 33rd time it was used.This book 's redeeming graces were Gertie, who as the only haracter who truly eemed to know who she was and then ollow her purpose in being there, and he assertio that there was no romance ( though I kept wondering if we were being set up for one with Baxter).

rated it

Plenty of people disliked Lady Eleanor Danbury- Cecily just needs to get out who hated Lady Eleanor enough to kill her. “ Room With A Clue ” is the nicely done first book in Kate Kingsbury 's Pennyfoot Hotel cozy mystery series.

rated it

I sense a theme: This irst nove of the Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries is cute but is more interested in its characters and action as puzzle pieces than as living people.

rated it

Another old British Hotel is very nteresting! This is my third time reading th author, I say BRAVO!!!!!!!! I have definitel liked British TV shows on Public television.This book about this Hotel reminds me of a British show called Upstairs/Downstairs.

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