Rukhsat The Departure

Twenty six stories flow- some into each other, some crossing one another and few charting their own ath. Each breathe independently and fade away after reflecting on their own existence. Each story explore an independent emotion leaving you to make our own conclusion.

If Farzana tries to deal with her own masochism then Hemakshi deals with her empty womb. If Gustav reflects on his two night stand then Palash comes face to face with his past lover only to fin he no longer oves him. Siraj 's decision to sell his his child body comes to a clash with Manu 's trial by God. Last but not the least- Zayan reminiscences on his life an hour before being murdere.

Let them rain on you, soak you and giv you on a roller coaster ride.
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Published November 18th 2015 by Frog in Well

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Henry where Sujit crafts the entire story up for up and sets up the table for an ending your mind is configured to.Well, that is how we are, we start finding patterns in the books we read.

And we start expecting, guessing as to what the end might be.But not with this one.With the table set, the author overthrows it more than twic, with single closing sentence that turns the story upside downwards.

rated it

And bot of sudden, from nowhere, I got his book 'Rukhsat-The Departure' to read.While writing/typing this review I have serious thoughts going in my head as the book made me think again& again about the ideas, opinions possessed by people living out there with hopes and other emotions.The book contains 26 short stories ( I do n't know to give details because they 're worth reading), 26 stories of 26 persons, hailing from different-different communities and societies, and adding their 26 emotions personally through this.

Sujit ( The write of the same book) has impeccably narrated this stories and driven emotions so strong that after completion of each story you ant to read it again& again, to bring into the shoes of the protagonis and realize what should be the situation or the answer, however, you 're left with many questions that made you think and that 's what an important thing while writing any book.Writing style- Sujit has meticulously written emotions of the haracters and thus making his stories more pronounced and adding depth of houghts in one 's thinkin.

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It 's another collection of short stories that touch different deep emotions and are also interrelated.Let 's talk about writing first because that 's he las thing you 'll notice about this ook.

I must n't suggest you read it if you are ncomfortable with those subjects but if you 're a true reader, this is thi nove you should n't miss.

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Rukhsat is a coming together of finely written stories that have their own meaning.

Have of their own.The contrast of emotions laid bare; emotions that are all too powerful for a human heart.A beautiful and rare collection of ritings that are short yet moving.Rukhsat is that enchanting word that means departure.

The pages have to turn and the tories have to ge to an end.

rated it

In this novel, you an ’ t actually pin point the stories as exactly good, bad or ugly as each of them have something unique about it whether be it the beginning or something in what it aimed at during the flow or what it left for you to think over in the nd.

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