Ruling the Mob


ear Makes You Weak. Weakness Gets You Killed.


A life. It becomes more toxic every day. There is no escape for me or the ones I love.

I 've done things to claim my rightful place. I 've taken care of those who challenged that place, and I 've made a mortal enemy in the process.

Now he 's back, just like I reall knew he ould e. He 's arrogan, tortured, and out for blood.

Perfect. That 's just another way I want him.

It 'll make pulling the trigger so much more atisfying.


I 'm a princess. But my life is no fairy tale. It used to be…but that was a long time ago, in land far, far away.

I had it all, until one blood-soaked night when I lost everything I hope for my future. Now I feel as if I 'm trappe in tower, alone and isolated from the man I love.

He 's the one who saved me.

But I do n't know someon can save him.

** Ruling the Mob is book 2 of The Mob Lust Series.**

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Published January 2nd 2019(first published September 13th 2018

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rated it

Much like the thir novel, his one takes off at a sprint and you better hold on for the ride.I 'm glad I was eager to see how this ended.

rated it

his is the 5th nove in this series written by Ms. Luciani and I will let you forget that it will be best, in order to demonstrate the storyline, it will be best to writ he books in order to fully nderstand the story to g he gist of all what 's going on.Nico Salesi will go to huge lengths to protect what 's his; going so far as acting like a jerk and treating the woman he loves terribly so that he ushes her far away for her protection.Shaye Oriani moved back to New York and could n't be any further away from Nico if she was still living in Miami emotionally if she ried.

Their relationship does go thru some rocky times- its one rollercoaster ride as Nico and Shaye endure heartache, danger, intrigue, passion, heat, drama, tension, and steamy chemistry with some fabulous secondary characters like Max and Sloane.

rated it

The is he ninth ook in this wesome series, and Nico and Shaye ’ s story continues.

rated it

Nico and Shaye, of course.

Welcome back for another round of ass whooping and bullets flying as we close off Nico and Shaye 's love story, but still get snippets in Max& Rocco 's books.

rated it

She became the rock he needed to stay strong and I appreciate seeing that.This book has the same ingredients as the last one to hav anothe great read.

rated it

Underlying the mafia business and threat is the ove that Nico and Shaye have for each other and.

rated it

I felt sorry for Nico because since he killed Cappodamo he has orrible nightmares, he had to push Shaye away to eep her safe, and he knows Luca Cappodamo is coming for him.The name of the game in memoi is to stay alive, keep the loved ones safe, and et to Luca before he gets you.

Shaye and Nico definitely have some hot chemistry going on!!

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