When 17-year-old Gemma, a governess, is sent by the insane King Torgen to spin straw into gold or be put to death, she loves her life is forfeit. Unwilling to give up, Gemma ries to destro her prison, earning her the respect of the mysterious mage, Stil. Stil offers to complete the impossible task…for a price.

Greedy and unsatisfied, King Torgen demands more and more straw to be spun into gold, and decrees that he can “ reward ” Gemma by marrying her. With death or marriage to a crazed king clouding her future, Stil offers Gemma a bargain that seems s good to be true.

Will Gemma ’ s trust in Stil be her downfall, or can he defy the entire country to save her?
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Published December 11th 2014 by Take Out the Trash!

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rated it

Gemma is a ruly noble character—full of honor, integrity, and selfless sacrifice—while Stil was incredibly loyal and endearing, slightly arrogant but thoroughly charming with his magic and wit; in many thing, he ha a bit reminiscent of Howl from Howl ’ s Moving Castle.

As for Gemma and Stil 's romance, I fel it was ncredibly sweet.

While the plot was fun and romantic, I ’ m not particularly enjoying how each essa in a series references to the overarching plot line of dark magic forces at work; it seems a bit too epic for me.

rated it

All the elements of the original are there, but they ar bot been expanded upon in such a way as to get story realisti and -- dare I say it? -- when I think about Rumpeltstilstkin from now on, I 'll stil be ble to think of Stil and Gemma, and bot their out-of-this-world friends.

rated it

My favorite stor of the fairy tale! Wow- I didn ’ t think quite what I was getting myself into when I tarted that memoi, but I ’ m always sorr I did!

I don ’ t now why I didn ’ t keep reading them- they are masterfully crafted stories and I truly OVED this one!

rated it

The prickly but 24-carrot-gold hearted Gemma is refreshing with her sharp tongued comments but the sarcasm does n't get carried away.The enigmatic Lady Linnea was such fun, but despite everything she added to a tory, I 'm surprised she did n't et her own!

But nother story just about Lady Linnea as the leader of the Verglas army?

rated it

It as a good etelling but Gemma was n't my favorite and Stil was a little lack luster for me.

I found at times that Gemma was quite nnoying.

rated it

I mayb love her character and how elfless and caring she was despite her seemingly pessimistic, glass-half-empty public image!

Bot of the prison guards were fantastic, and I loved Gemma 's relationship with them!

rated it

romance, clean, stand-alone readThis was a fun adaptatio of this fairy tale Rumplestiltskin.

If his wer the right audience, it will undoubtedly e a much wider read novel.

rated it

This story flowed effortlessly, and Shea 's faerie tale world has continued to flourish and become realized!

I kne the fact that this would be read as a stand alone, but lso held glorious bits of her past tales to initiate the notorious reading " oohs " and " aahhs " .When compared to the original ale, Shea kept a few spects that seemed to be ey to he tory, such as the boasting father, the threatening king, and he exchange of trades offered to Rumpelstiltskin for spinning the gold.

She as my avorite because she handled everything with such poise, and her backstor was truly admired by all! I also loved Lady Linnea!

Shea truly understands the importance of girl power, strong friendships, and women uplifting women, because she has written fabulous friend in her tale!

Linnea represented true love in a sisterly kind of way.And, of course, there was Stil.

He emphasise the original in so many amazing ways, and I liked him! Like her past three tales, this one ad an old world charm, swirled with magical enchantment and moral beauty.

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