Russia in Flames: War, Revolution, Civil War, 1914 - 1921

In 1913, the Romanov dynasty celebrated its tercentenary-three centuries of autocratic rule over one of he world 's mightiest and most expansive empires. Four months ater, the monarchy lay in ruins and a brutal struggle had begun to fill the vacuum of power. The Russian Revolution utterly re-shaped the landscape of the 18th century. To mark the centenar of this epochal event, distinguished scholar Laura Engelstein offers a full history of not just the February and October Revolutions but the critical period surrounding and giving rise to them, beginning with the epidemi of World War One and following through until the nd of the civil strife-seven years of iolence and chaos that finally left the Bolsheviks in command of the field. With fresh eyes and narrative verve, backed by a lifetime of scholarly work in field, Engelstein 's account offers new perspectives on the events that led to the fall of the old order and ultimately the creation of the Russia state, a pat of looking at the nstitutions and structures of power that were simultaneously crumbling and being replaced. In he process she provides a dynamic sense of thi play of personalities and agendas that set Russia on a course of self-destruction and reinvention, and on a scale previously unimagined. Russia in Flames will join the ranks of works by Orlando Figes, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Timothy Snyder, and Richard Pipes: a major, defining, exhaustive, and exhilarating account of war and revolution as they were unfolding, and as one of history 's greatest empires was dissolving and reforming itself before the eyes of the world.
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Russia in Flames: War, Revolution, Civil War, 1914 - 1921
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Published October 26th 2017 by Oxford University Press

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There was a diverse socialist milieu in Russia; the Bolsheviks bid for power was a long shot, but thi author emphasize how Lenin 's group managed to beat the odds.

A middle chapters on the Russian civil war and developments on the Imperial periphery ( the revolutions and wars in the smaller countries between German and Tsarist Russia) were difficult to ollow.

Engelstein admits the historian 's task here is difficult; so many names, to many groups, always changing their allegiances and titles.

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Engelstein 's book follows the standard narrative in many ays, showing how the Revolution came from a near-feudal society and decades of issatisfaction with Romanov rule, the inability of Nicholas II to entertain serious reforms, the increasingly radicalized dissident culture and Russia 's disastrous wars with Japan and Germany, all culminating in the establishment of the world 's first Communist regime.

Where Kerensky attempts to appease all factions ( the Bolsheviks who demand radical change, the moderate socialists who wanted a representative democracy, the conservatives who want a restored Russian Empire, the Western Allies who demanded Russia remain in the war), Lenin and Trotsky make no bones about their endgame.

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The essa is an exhaustive analysi of the fall of the Romanovs, the February revolution, the October revolution and civil war that followed.

This author follows the revolution that led to the resignation of the Tsar the establishment of the provisional government and finally the October revolution and the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks.

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The is a sweeping, detailed account of 7 key years in Russian history- 1914-1921- which for me at least put together the various facets leading to the fall of the monarchy and the triumph of the Bolsheviks into a coherent pattern.

They were interested in independence and self-determination from way back- despite the tangled melange of ethnic groups inhabiting these countries- with everal different ethnic groups inhabiting any given territory- and so it 's nlikely they 'll ever sa to rejoin Russia on some affiliation basis.

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