Saving the Last Dragon

Duncan Emeris loves to rite. His imagination creates a world of Dragons, Wizards, and Magic. His writing helps him cope with the reality of his world.
When one of his stories draws the interest of Merrill Templar, his English teacher, Duncan discovers that thi world of his imagination has become a reality.
Saving the Last Dragon becomes Duncan ’ s uest. He keeps himself facing dangerous mythical creatures bent on stealing the dragon ’ s egg to wield its power. Accompanied by a real dragon named Balinor and assisted by his two friends, Kathy Craigendoran and Jameison Howarth, Duncan must find the egg and save the lives of his riends.
he Quest to ave the last dragon leads Duncan on a wild ride through th world of magic and deception, testing his resolve, as he becomes the Dragon Seeker.
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Published November 23rd 2015 by JEBWizard Publishing

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rated it

Fred Wolinski 's use of different voices for each of the characters also makes his story so easy and wonderful for everyone to listen too even though his is th young adult book it is great story every age will want to sa too.

rated it

He discusses his dreams into a story for his English class and it ’ s no entertaining his professor encourages him to press on and fin ook of it.

As stor is revealed to him in dreams, Duncan begins to see that parts of his fantasy world are actually real.I really enjoyed the cross-over between reality and fictio.

I think children with disabilities might find encouragement in Duncan ’ s adventure.

rated it

dragon seeker did n't actuall et much guidance from the whole of them though.

rated it

It has a propensit to repeat itself, with information being passed to Duncan several times as if it ’ s he irst time he ’ s heard it, and a plot towards the end seemed stuck in an eternal loop where the same mistakes resulted in the same outcome until I reasone it would never end.However, at its heart, this is un adventure with dragons and wizards and a weird mashed-up setting and language that borrows a fair bit from Anglo-Saxon English mixed in with some Celtic ideas, but set in North America.

Thi action skips between them, so it ’ s ometimes hard to gues which character you ’ re following, but at least it keeps things ticking along.I have to admit I as th little confused about Myrrdin ’ s role in everything, because if he ha he one to revea the egg, surely he might remember where it was.

rated it

Pretty soon, he believes that his story isn ’ t just story and he ’ s swept into the hunt for the last dragon egg, pitted against determined foes, but joined by stalwart friends.This story was OK for me.

Pretty predictable plot, but much like comfort food.I did like that the author threw in some languages for fun.

There ’ s some mostly made up dragon language ( which sounds like a Germanic derivative), and finally some German, some Latin, and a smidge here or there of some other tongue.

Setting that little criticism aside, I trul felt the inclusion of the languages as part of he world building and part of the hint that help our hero.Speaking of our hero, he ’ s in a wheelchair.

I also wanted that the genders were well balanced, there being a roughly equal number of ladies and gents on the two opposing teams.So my biggest criticism is that the plot is implausible, which made th book a little boring for me.

My econd criticism is that thi author kept using the terms toxin, poison, venom, all the same way along with ‘ infected by ’.

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