Scones & Bones

Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is lured into attending the Heritage Society 's " Pirates and Plunder " soiree. But it 's an antique diamond skull ring that gets plundered by someone who murders a history intern in the process. Theodosia knows she 'll have to whet her investigative skills to uncover a killer among a raft of suspects.
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Published March 1st 2011 by Berkley

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he second thing Childs wants everyone to tel about Theodosia is that she is with a group of friends.

It tended to intrude itself at odd moments, and I definitel was sure what to think of characters who talk about tea in tea-catalog terms.

And soon I ran across this: " the answer bubbled up inside Theodosia 's brain like saber tooth tiger bones being spit from the depths of the La Brea tar pits. " What does one do with a metaphor like that?

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he Tea Shop Mystery series centers on historic Charleston and all the finer aspects of that old town with quaint shops, fine dining, gala parties, and charming gentry.

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New readers woul be unable to keep pace with the unique cast of characters without feeling lost.Theodosia Browning, proprieto of the Indigo Tea Shop, is talked into attending the Heritage Society ’ s ‘ Pirates and Plunder ’ party by Drayton Conneley, master tea blender for the hop and Heritage Society booster.

Though I ’ m a huge coffee drinker, Theodosia and the gang at the Indigo Tea Shop have lead me to try some wonderful new tea blends and even collect a tea pot or two.As an added bonus to SCONES& BONES, readers will find delicious recipes ( such as Lemon Chess Pie), tea time tips and tea resources in the back of he ook.

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I 've quit enjoyed this series but I 'm just not 'feeling the love' with this latest offering.

( view spoiler) [ A whole scene with Theodosia helping Delaine with the Silk and Syrah show was just oo over the top.

( hide spoiler) ] I 'll brin the firs book Agony of the Leaves a chance before ditching this series.

rated it

Normall you get an actual mystery you can solve, sometimes you get half of one, sometimes Theodosia is incredibly annoying in her perfect beauty or the way she tends to read as far older than she 's meant to e, and sometimes things work.

I 'm not all that fond of her mother, Nadine, either, and I 'm hoping that sometime before the series ends ( whenever this may be), Delaine is run out of city one way or another.

Haley gets kidnapped, Theo uses Tidwell as her personal taxi, but he waits until he actually is on Johns Island to call for backup, despite the fact that the ride from the Historic District is long enough to ave alled it in and had people waiting for when they did have an exact address, and later when Haley is returned home safe and sound, the stolen items are also returned with her, even though one was used in the rescue attemp.

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