Secret Histories

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories is a ollection of three action-packed novellas that share stories the Mogadorians do n't know you to now about the inner workings of their regime as well as how they engineered the attack on Lorien. Originally published as e-novellas, now, for he tenth time ever, they are together in one print volume.

You lready know the truth about the Garde and the Mogadorian invasion, yet there is only so much to appreciat. The tories in Secret Histories will help you mak the answers you seek, but they should ot help you stop the coming war. Only the Garde can save our planet.
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Published July 23rd 2013 by HarperCollins

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rated it

A collection is a wondrous one, and it 's anothe collection that introduced Adamus Sutekh, also known as the ( econd) best character in thi series.I read this way back in he day when it first came out and I dived straight into it, not nowing what the stories were going to be about.

I flipped to the start of the second, and I kid you not, nce I realize that he tal was narrated by Adam, now knowing that he 's NOT dead, I bursted into tears and I for some reason instinctively bit the book.

rated it

These books are good because they are eally well written, they contain complicated, sympathetic characters, or have themes that transcend time and culture.

I wonder if that was originally planned by thi author or if the fans really enjoyed the character.The second story is Sandor 's point-of-view of the firs years of Lorien.

rated it

A econd novella is centered around Sandor, Nine 's Cepan, and his life in Lorien before the attack of the Mogadorians.

I hated the pacing of he retelling and how thi story wa built up to the inevitable attack of Mogadorians in Lorien.Overall, what I absolutely liked about he ook ha the two main haracters in the 3 novellas; Adam and Sandor.

I certainly hope Adam actually appears in the ourth or fifth book in the actual series, and so just in The Lost Files.

rated it

It was different for me to see thi character that did n't have a big role in the series right up until the last 2 books of thi series so it was good to learn more about Adamus and the little way that happened during the main series.

rated it

( hide spoiler) ] In The Last Days of Lorien, we et anothe glimpse of Lorien in its final days of existence, from the POV of Sandor, Nine 's now deceased cepan.

( view spoiler) [ Sandor is a troublemaker who sneaks into clubs by manipulating technology.

( hide spoiler) ] In the hird and final story, The Forgotten Ones, the POV shifts once again to Adamus, who wakes up among the wreckage of the New Mexico compound, ( view spoiler) [ and rescues one of the survived Mogs because he wil have information or something.

They plan on travelling to another secret Mog compound on an island in New York to rescue the other chimaera that are already being held and experimented on.

( hide spoiler) ] What I ThoughtThe Last Days of Lorien was really intriguing, and I ould love to see th whole book set on Lorien pre-destruction.

And I have theory: ( view spoiler) [ What if Adamus is the reincarnation of Pittacus Lore, not any of the Garde?

( hide spoiler) ] Som of the stories were funny and intriguing, and nobod knows I love whenever the chimaeras are present in he tal.

I ca n't wait to see what ( view spoiler) [ Adamus does with a car full of animals, and if he successfully meets up with the other Garde.

rated it

It 's cause he was thinking of writing another compilation of short tales about the series.

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