Secret Sisters

No one does romantic suspense better than Jayne Ann Krentz. Now, the New York Times bestselling write of Trust No One and River Road delivers a boo that twists and turns into a read that ca eave you breathless.

Madeline and Daphne were once as close as sisters—until a secret tore them apart. ow, it would take them to their graves.

Nearly two ecades after her childhood—and her friendship with Daphne—were destroyed in one traumatic night, a dying an ’ s ast words convey a warning to Madeline: the secrets she believed buried forever have been discovered.

Unwillin to trust anyone else, Madeline reaches out to Daphne and to the las man she can count on to help: Jack Rayner, a security expert with a profoundly intimate understanding of warped and dangerous minds. Along with his high-tech genius of a son, the four of them will form an uneasy alliance against a killer who will stop at nothing to uncove truth ....
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Secret Sisters
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Published December 8th 2015 by Berkley

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rated it

Eighteen month later secrets thought long buried have somehow been unearthed and Madeline and Daphne are once again in great peri.

Eighteen years seems like a long time to be apart, but it look like nothing when they ’ re reunited and have a mystery to solve.

I admire the positive female bond between Madeline and Daphne, and admired the support and healing they provided for each other.Sometimes, with th mystery the events of the past are kept hidden with only small bits of information parsed out, and the might be very frustrating.

I ’ m happy it was explaine, almost from the en, what happened with Madeline and Daphne in the past.

rated it

After that Madeline and her randmother left the island for good.

rated it

When it omes to writing romantic suspence, Jayne Anne Krentz ( who also writes as Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick) is clearly one of the best.

eeing two such introverts open up to each other was wonderful.Jayne Anne Krentz ( or Castle or Quick) is pretty much an auto-buy for me.

rated it

I enjoyed Secret Sisters, the latest ook by Jayne Ann Krentz but there were few things that missed the WOW factor for me.The story started off pretty well.

rated it

I am s sure if som of her books are als ba as his one but I kno I may have made a massiv mistake by skipping this author 's work as long as I have.This book grabbed me right from the irst page and I did n't actuall hol it down unless I absolutely had to until I reached the end.

he ttack on he young girls at the closin of he story really opened everything with a bang and set the pace for the whole book.Madeline 's grandmother has recently passed away.

Madeline, Jack, Daphne, and Abe all work together to solve a mystery that is tied to the past, the abandoned hotel, and the island.This is one of hose tories where the romance and the suspense compliment each other perfectly.

The feelings between the characters grew as they worked together to solve anothe mystery.

Tha novel ha actually able to balance an incredibly detailed mystery and two romantic relationships much better than I have seen in a long time.The pacing of thi story was well done.

I also really disliked some of the eople in he retelling and applaud the author for creating characters that were so un to dislike.I would highly recommende his memoi to fans of romantic suspense.

rated it

What a fantastic blend of romance and suspense.The story was a standalone and that had appeal for a first-time encounter.Beginning in the past with a rutal encounter that set things in motion that for eighteen years seemed to lie dormant before forcing their way into the light, the story goe off to an exciting start with th convictio and an attempted murder for Madeline Chase when she is called ack to the old, memory-filled hotel in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Jack is nothing like the men she usually goes for and he ruffles her feathers, but when a present murder, a kille who wen after her, and past hreatening to surface again, Jack is the one person she wants by her side to help sort it all out.Jack is attracted to Madeline, but he has his own issues that mak him from tryin to try for anything lasting.

With he elp of Jack and his nephew, the foursome work fast to expose the secrets of the past and how it bares on the present even as danger strikes again and again.As I said, th one was very predictabl and delivered on my need for a gritty, engaging romantic suspense.

his shifting of characters and scenes was not confusing and the main narrators were Madeline and Jack.The pacing was steady with blips of excitement.

I said that Jack 's past was a secondary mystery that kept teasing me and making me wonder whenever hints were given.The main and minor characters were olorful and engaging.

It 's himself that he ca n't see clearly.Jack 's brother, Abe, and Madeline 's childhood friend, Daphne, are very present secondary characters with their own subplot going on.

Madeline and Jack were the main relationship with Abe and Daphne more of something hinted at.

Thi emphasi is on solving the case to save their lives, but as they go Madeline really sees Jack and wants him while Jack has to open up for he new chance.

rated it

Their romance did n't sizzle and I found myself ore interested in the secondary couple of Daphne and Jack 's rother, Abe. Although I do have issues when all the lead characters gets perfectly matched up.I actually reached a point where the whole Webster clan felt a little " too " much.

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