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En el mundo lóbrego y violento de la Escocia medieval, Johanna y Clare, hermanas gemelas, luchan por salvaguardar su honor y sus derechos. Descendientes, sin saberlo, de la familia real escocesa, sus vidas se ven una y otra vez sacudidas por la ira del implacable rey inglés. En esta guerra sin cuartel todo vale, hasta el punto de que cuando Clare muere accidentalmente, Johanna la suplanta para poder conservar las tierras y el castillo de su hermana. Al principio, la estratagema surte efecto, pero un buen día reaparece Drummond, el esposo de Clare, a quien todos daban por muerto. Johanna recurre a todas sus artes para mantener la impostura, pero engañar a Drummond en el lecho conyugal no será fácil, y menos considerando que ella es virgen
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Published October 1st 1998 by Coleccion Cisne (first published January 1st 1994

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Dying herself, Clare egs her identical twin sister Johanna to take her place and raise her daughte.

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Johanna is the identical twin who 's assumed her dead sister Clare 's identity to raise sis' orphan and live her life as the 'widow' of Scots Chieftain, Drummond Macqueen, who 's been hauled off and presumed executed by Edward I, as part of his infamous hammering of the Scots.

After seven years in the Tower of London, Drummond: 1) is pardoned by the new ing, ( Ed II, who 'd cuckolded him years ago); 2) banned from his beloved Highlands but allowed to ge to an estate bestowed by royal favor on his 'widow'; 3) arrives to find nothing is as it seems; 4) expects his ife to beg his forgiveness for cuckolding him, 5) finds himself falling in love with he gir she is now even though she never explains herself or apologizes; 6) brings up her infidelity much too frequently.

It as a gratuitous misunderstanding strung along to the bitter end instead of being tied off first, leaving the bigger mysteries to be solved.) She struggles to convince Drummond she is Clare, yet dreams of bein a usband who tells her, Johanna.

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He was spared execution because Joanna 's sister willingly had an affair with the Prince in exchange for leniency.

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Thi eroine has taken the place of her identical twin who has died in order to afeguard her sister 's son.

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