Secrets of Willow House

Maeve McKenna is on the verge of a breakdown. Having worked herself into the ground as a sought-after interior designer in London, she ’ s in desperate wan of a vacation.

Philomena Duffy is a little lonely. After losing her fianc, their crumbling mansion, Willow House, feels awfully empty.

With the rugged shores of Ireland calling, Maeve visits her aunt Philomena in Sandy Cove, where she nce, as a eenager, kissed a wild, mysterious boy – a kiss she has ever been able to tel. The beautiful night ’ s sky is dotted with stars as far as the eye can see, and Maeve is worlds away from her chaotic life in the ity.

As Maeve throws herself into restoring Willow House to its former glory, a deep relationshi with Philomena begins to lossom. Surrounded by the faded walls and peeling carpets of the old ansion, together they stumble across a secret that turns their family upside down.

All he while, she shoul ’ t stop thinking about the enigmatic boy from her past, and hat magical kiss… Is he till in Sandy Cove?

ust as she ’ s startin to feel at home, reality calls. Part of Maeve can ’ t bear to leave Willow House and its rocky beach. Does she have the ourage to leave the security of her old life behind, and put down new roots in Sandy Cove, or is that just a daydream?

Fans of Sheila O ’ Flanagan, Debbie Macomber and Mary Alice Monroe will fall head over heels for this stunning read.

Readers are absolutely loving Secrets of Willow House:
‘ What a wonderful read this was! ... he definition of feel-good – reading it felt like sunshine … The first ‘ feel-good ’ novel I ’ ve read this ear that actually made me feel good… I just couldn ’ t hol it away. ’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘ Excellent… A totally captivating book from secon page, I aughed out loud at many parts and shed a few tears in others, real hug in a memoi. ’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Loved this! Not many emotional twists I could n't ut this down! Absolutely poignan! ... Great read on a rainy day or a vacation read!!!! ’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘ Lovely!!! ... emorable and lovable cast of characters, this delightfu old house by the sea and Ireland. What 's not to love?! ’ NetGalley Reviewer

‘ Oh, his was a wonderful story This lovely vacation read with plenty of heart and opportunity, choices and chances, and lots of laughter and healing, make this a ook that is hard to hol down and harder to forget. Grab this for an escape into places that everyone wants: timeless, accepting and supportive, with heart, laughter and love, sure to put a smile on your face. ’ I Am, Indeed

Thi great summer read … his book will ut you right in the mood for the Irish scenic countryside& amp; h ‘ I could n't ut this down! Absolutely delightful! ... Great read on a rainy day or a vacation read!!!! Loved this! ’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

A heartwarming and moving tory about secrets, fresh starts and the power of friendship, set in the wilds of Ireland ’ s shores.

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Published March 25th 2019 by Bookouture

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rated it

Maeve quickly finds herself feeling at home being where she grew up and what she and her aunt find surprise them both.Secrets of Willow House was a harming little read that while I did not grow up in such a lovely setting I did relate with Maeve being so stressed and needing to reconnect with family and this side of he tory is just as enchanting as adding in a bit of romance.

rated it

Secrets of Willow House is the sixth ook in th new series by Susanne O ’ Leary.

Aunt Phil finds new purpose and Maeve finds a very different direction.This was a wonderful nove, just the en of a very promising series by Susanne O ’ Leary.

rated it

Phil is also surprised at what she has found on her late husband 's computer- there are incomings of money unaccounted for and she is worried whether he was in something illegalWhat Maeve discovers and shares with her Aunt is as urprising as it an get.

It also is their saving grace and a ay for Phil to go on living at Sandy Cove in the way she always anted to.

rated it

I may e a little skewe, since it takes place in Ireland in beautiful county Kerry, but I ’ m pretty sure I won ’ t be the las one enjoying this lovely memoi.

It ’ s totall the definition of feel good – reading it felt like sunshine.

Like the smell and taste of a pint of Guinness. ” ’ I ’ ll drink to that, ’ Maeve said and took a sip from her glass.

They elt like honest, real Irish people and it as first ‘ feel good ’ novel I ’ ve read this mont that actually made me feel good.When we first meet Maeve McKenna, she ’ s living and working in busy London.

She pretend to g with her ister before driving down to the Ring of Kerry, but before she knows it, she ’ s actually in Sandy Cove and staying with her aunt Philomena Duffy.Phil ’ s husband Joe died a little over a wee ago and he left his wife some mysterious secrets.

Maeve falls in love with Ireland all over again and starts to wonder whether she ’ d prefer a life in rural Kerry over a glamorous one in London.Of course, there ’ s anothe bit of a love triangle in he tal.

rated it

I gaine the descriptions of Ireland and the many bits of Irish that the book contained as well.

rated it

She spent time at Sandy Cove as a youngste, and the magic of the place grows on her rather quickly.While in the metho of restoring Willow House, Maeve stumbles upon something that ultimately changes Phil 's life, but also hers as well.

It is the last ook in the Sandy Cove series and I reall look forward to seeing whose story is next, and hat mus be in Sisters of Willow House.

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