Seek: A Dystopian Thriller


Thi thir pulse-pounding, action-packed dystopian novel from best selling novelis, R.D. Brady.

Lyla and her adopted sons Riley and Miles are all targeted by the alien force that took over an already fragile human race. In the chaos of the Unwelcome 's arrival and the conflic to survive that followed, no one asked one very basic questions: why are they here?

With no safe haven while constantly hounded, everyday is a struggle to survive. On the run, Lyla and the cursed are seeking those answers.

The answers, though, wo n't do them any good if they do n't survive. And their hope of that are dropping by the minute...

Fans of A.G. Riddle, James Rollins, Suzanne Collins, and Brandon Sanderson will love the Unwelcome Trilogy.

The Unwelcome Trilogy of Dystopian Thrillers

Seek is the thirtieth ook in R.D. Brady 's new action packed, sci-fi thriller. If you enjoy edge of your novels set in dystopian settings, The Unwelcome Trilogy is for you!

What Readers Are Saying About The Unwelcome Trilogy:

" I tarted reading science fiction almost 60 years ago, with authors like Asimov and Heinlein. Her essay are on par with the masters. "

" R.D. Brady has a real gift for story telling that sucks your in and give you hungry for more! "

" Shoul n't hol it down ... read it in 2 days .. ca n't wait for the las one!!!! "

" R.D Brady is a master of developing strong female characters that re the perfect blendin of fragile humanity and kick ass hero.
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Published November 4th 2018

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