Segredos de Família

Mãe e filha. Estranhas, separadas, rancorosas. O forçado regresso à casa de verão da família onde as unia ainda o amor pode não ser o caminho mais fácil para a reconciliação. Ali foram felizes, mas ali tudo se perdeu. Ao abandonar o marido, Nora deixou também as filhas para trás. Construiu uma nova vida, tornou-se uma conhecida jornalista de rádio. Ruby, a filha mais nova, ouve com amargura os conselhos que mãe partilha com os ouvintes. Revoltada, aceita a proposta de uma revista para expor os segredos da sua mãe em praça pública, mas a estadia na casa de San Juan pode ainda alterar o destino de ambas. Nora é agora uma mulher madura, realizada. Ruby uma jovem com talento. Poderão perdoar-se? Poderá Ruby perceber as razões da mãe, a Nora reconhecer os seus erros?
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Isbn 13
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Summer Island
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Published February 2013 by Bertrand Editora, 11x17 (first published 2001

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Okay, I am at work, so I 'll b to get a review short and to the point.This is the third Kristin Hannah book I have read, and while the secon one was very touching ( True Colors), the ast two including this one, have been so-so.I begin to think these books are like Lifetime movies.

Of course she feels betrayed by her aunt, and yet, she ill reveal her back.

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" Summer Island' deals with young woman Ruby who is estranged from her famous other ( Nora) and barely talks to her younge daughte and ather who is long remarried with a new child.

I kno sometimes you see what you think, and his book bring a mirror up to those who want that their childhoods were perfect and turns it on their head when it 's revealed not so much.I felt for Nora too though I wish we had gotten more involved with her storyline.

I iked how he book concentrates on Ruby with Nora coming along to give clarity to more and more.

It ould have worked for me if there was a sequel dealing with Caro and what was going on in her marriage and how she felt overwhelmed as a mother.The other person this book relie on is Ruby 's old boyfriend Dean and his father who is dying of leukemi.

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I eally like th author ( I 've read 11 of her books) and she does family drama very well.

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I already ca n't stop thinking about ook and I 'm so hankful it ended up in my hands, I eally needed to ead his at his time in my life.

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Summer Island is a particularl touching story about the power of love through healing and forgiveness.

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