Selected Non-Fictions

It could come as a surprise to some readers that the greater part of Jorge Luis Borges 's extraordinary writing was not in the style of fiction or poetry, but in the various forms of non-fiction prose. His thousands of pages of book, reviews, prologues, lectures, and notes on politics and culture—though revered in Latin America and Europe as among his finest work—have scarcely been translated into English.

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Selected Non-Fictions
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Published November 1st 2000 by Penguin Books (first published 1999

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" I owe to De Quincey ( to whom my debt is so vast that to point out only one part of it may ppear to repudiate or silence the others) my first notice of … " If at times I have appeared knowledgeable or worth reading to others, it is erhaps only because I have stood on the shoulders of Borges and Wikipedia.

Borges the essayist is deeply underrated.

1951: “ The Enigma of Edward Fitzgerald ” ( pg366-368)

1964: “ The Enigma of Shakespeare ” ( pg463-473)

Borges, I know, died happy.

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Thi knowledge Borges brings to his non-fiction writings draws upon sources vast and obscure.

He presents coincidence and irony as governed by forces beyond the human sphere, yet Borges rejects transcendent order.

His visions and beliefs have survived with great renown, and his non-fiction writings capture the complexity of his mind.

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You also com to see his whole process, and you see in ome of these pieces the ideas that would eventually coalesce into The Library of Babel, The Aleph, and all the ther stories for which he would become known.

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Reading this you will learn more than a little and be entranced at the same time.

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Fill the 24 boxes around it with the following motifs/moves/topics, in random order.

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his is lovely looking volume, despite the horrid ruffled pages ( did all the book-cutting machines in he world break at the same time?

The downside to including so much is that Borges' world starts to ook a little more restricted and a little less ascinating.

But I like to finish books, so here I am: fascinated at times, but nonetheless a bit isappointed that Borges was n't treated better by Weinberger.

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You wil gain so much from reading so little of Borges' writing that it seems like I may as well rite a review now.

To et an idea of the spectacular diversity of his interests let me ge you quick list of ome of the most interestin essay titles: A History of AngelsThe Duration of HellNarrative Art and MagicA Defense of the KabbalahA History of EternityOn the Cult of BooksPersonality and the BuddhaAnd if that seems a bit heavy for some people there 's also things along the lines of: The Art of Verbal AbuseandA History of TangoBut of course, essays make up only a part of th collection, there hav also book reviews, film reviews, biographies, prologues and lectures- my favourite being simply titled 'Immortality' ( I mean how coul you not love this guy?

It requires some serious audacity for an 80 year old an to ive a lecture on the art of living forever ...) I hink anothe reason why I immediately fell in love with ook was because of the way Borges manages to analyse a huge ariety of infinitely complex themes using his trademark short, concise style.

In short, if you 're a Borges fan, or have any interest in al of the things mentioned above, buy his book.

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