It ’ s been five ears since I clicked Send.
Four month since I got out of juvie.
Three year since I changed my name.
Two minutes since I met Julie.
second to change my life.

All Dan wants for his enior year is to be invisible. This is his ast chance at a semi-normal life. Nobody here knows who he is. Or what he ’ s done. But on his las ay at school, instead of turning away like everyone else, Dan breaks up a fight. Because Dan knows what it ’ s like to be errorized by a bully—he used to hav one.

Still whole school thinks he ’ s ome sor of hero—except Julie. She ooks at him like she think he has a secret. Like she knows his name isn ’ t really Daniel ...
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Published August 1st 2012 by Sourcebooks Fire

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rated it

It ’ s anothe ba thing I didn ’ t understand that a cross cut is far ess effective than a cut straight up the arm, or I wouldn ’ t be writing his.

I am also SO thankful that I came to school prior to the invention of the net, because then it would robably have been even worse, and he implication that you can google “ how to successfully commit suicide ” would not have been lost to a kid that excelled in research.Instead, this ook made me furiou.

No matter how angry he was over Ken ’ s “ running ”, the kid needed someone to love him, not a wall of silence.

And of course I was angry at Mr. Murphy, not for the reaso that he wanted revenge – I ’ m a father and I ca get what he was feeling – but the implication that he brough veryone else out of his life in order to make it.

And he destroyed himself.I was expecting to hate Dan. The reason is, he ha he villai I ctually appreciated he most.

I like that he “ got ” it, the he was mature enough and good enough of a person to feel the remorse he did.

Thi is an achievement that the author should be proud of.See, what I wish had been rought up more in ook, besides the fact that it was Liam ’ s choice not to talk to somebod about what was going on ( the same choice I made), and thi reason that it was Liam ’ s choice to commit suicide ( again, the same choice I made), Ken ’ s posting of the picture was not ctually the straw that broke thi camel ’ s back – no, it was every kid that clicked on that picture and left a hatful comment behind.

And I can assur you that no one punished them.In the end, while the prose and dialogue was goo, I stated that most of the haracters were “ off ” in another way.

Then, he implicatio that he ays to himself “ nothing matters ” a few pages before the end didn ’ t exactly end the ook on the level of hope that I know he final email is supposed to inspire.Kids can be rotten.

I hope Brandon and Jeff were able to work things out.

I only felt healed that some of thos person were ble to do a 180 and become my friends.

So I totally elieve that Julie could love Ken and maybe they should ave a future together.This is one thing from reality that bothers me: Not everyone on the sex offenders list is a apist or a pedophile.

kid who posts naked pictures on the net should in no way be treated like a victi or a pedophile.

And, the, I want this as one who was tortured through his school ears and came ery close to being Liam: Liam ’ s life ended quickly.

rated it

He 's dealing with a lot of anguish and ange over what he has done in his past, eve to mention his 13 year old self- Kenny- that he still talks to on a weekl basis.

Kenny definitely plays an important role in his novelette, proving himself a crucial character.Alter ego aside, Dan is a broken individual who has been through extreme pain and miser throughout the years.

A point of that tal is about Dan figuring himself out; forgiving his 13 year old self for what he id.

It 's yet to create anticipation, but rather build our understanding of Daniel before we learn all about Kenny: his past.

It 's ot about " aha " moments, but about Dan finally having the best reason to fight against his inner-self and learn to trust, to drea, to hope, and to orgive.

rated it

But, and there is often a " but " is n't there, hat is actually what happened.Let me start by statin that I adored ook.

It ha a solid story with quirk characters and message that every high school student should listen to.

specially after it seemed that EVERY single character was dealing with the same hing.

I felt like I completely missed something.

And I dit NOT like the nd of bestsellin, at ALL.

It elt like the ending of a really bad made-for-tv movie.

rated it

Patty Blount just fried my brain and got herself a spot on my auto-buy list.Send is about Dan. When he was seventeen, he made one of the biggest mistakes in his life.

While he 's trying hard to get his past a secret, there is one girl who looks at him like she knows ll of his secrets.

So it 's ard for me to ead this ook that centers around that.

I ha a sobbing, crying mess and I welcomed the gods I was n't reading the ook in public.Patty seems to hav one of hose writers that is n't afraid to write about these sor of topics.

Hard, honest books that do n't shy away from the truth because the things Patty write about could just as asily be true stories.

They write stories that need to hav read by everyone.

And even though I 'm a mess afterwards and it fries my brain, I 'll read every single one of their books without hesitation.For those of you who do n't realize tha, here 's the missing epilogue of Send, which made me cry again.

I did like the open ending in memoir, but I loved finding out what happened after hat.

And as mysteriou as it sounds, I did grew to love Kenny as a separate character.Send is a ard, honest and emotional book that messed me up so much I did n't now what was what for a few hour after finishing it.

It 's the memoi that confirmed my love for Patty Blount, who ow has a place on my auto-buy list.

rated it

It not only affects the bullied person and family but the bully and their family.In Send we get to meet Kenny who is a 13 year old gir.

Which he is informed of everyday that his classmate will never come home.Upon being released Kenny and his family are harassed and his ather decides it is best to move and change their name and start thi new life.

o Kenny moves to another place where no one remembers him and changes his name to Daniel.

Once the past never really leaves you and on the fourth ay of class at the new school Daniel is faced with a bully bullying another kid and he efends the kid.

As a tal moves along it shows Kenny that Daniel does want to change and he shoul do whatever it takes to move on from the past.Then enters Julie she is there when Daniel saves the bullied kid and she acts weird to me.

Julie is Daniels emotional roller coaster because he tarts to like her and want to hav with her but the uilt he has is eating him inside.

rated it

And on a more fundamental level the essential conflict itself did n't ring true.I found myself waiting, page after page, chapter after chapter for the big reveal on what it was that Ken actually did to earn the title 'murderer' and when it came it was n't ven close to adequate.

But whatever.Ultimately the story really picked up toward the end and I said it ad a strong finish ( though there were th few eye-roll moments) but it ha n't enough to give up for the fundamental flaws.

rated it

“ Four Stars: A look at how one thoughtless act can destroy so many lives.Dan wants a clean start at his new school for his junio year.

Thi only problem, this one juvenile act not only cost the life of the rapis, but it has destroyed the lives of ountless others.

What I Hated:* I am th big fan of ooks that take on the troubling topic of bullying, whether it be physical, verbal, or online abuse.

Things are far worse these days when kids can go online and post vicious attacks against a fellow student under the guise of anonymity.

Her ook, Send, brings us he tal of oung woma who at thirteen made a massiv misunderstandin in posting a picture of a fellow student he was bullying.

The book concludes the far reaching implication of his juvenile mistake.

* I fel that his book not only illustrates the implication for the victim but it gives a realistic and in depth look at what happens to the erpetrator and their family.

I hope that ook would help kids to ealize that posting harmful things on the internet is something that can haunt their lives forever.* I was pleased to discover that I strongly sympathized with Dan. Yes, he as a bully who made a tupid mistake, but it cost him dearly.

In the beginnin, I was sorry to see that Dan was trying to e th better person by his actions: stopping a bullying incident and helping a victim.

This story packs a big emotional punch and it opens your eyes to the dangerous, far reaching implication of bullying online and in person.

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