Serenity Avenged


uthless crime boss…a mansion with a chilling secret…a young man faced with the biggest decision of his life.

When his so goes into premature labor, Shelby Alexander leaves his northern hideaway for downstate. No sooner does he drive into town, than things go sour. His ex-wife, Helen, faces deadly consequences after hard times force her to take desperate measures, setting off a dangerous chain of events. Racing against time to save those he loves the most and avoid unspeakable tragedy, Shelby faces down an evil crime lord, trained killers, and one of the closest brushes with death yet.

he sevent ook in the popular Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, Serenity Avenged give readers on a breath-taking ride through a hail of bullets, close calls, and deceit.

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Mark Dawson John Sandford Lee Child Nick Stephenson David Archer Steve Hamilton John Hemmings Christopher Greyson Robert B. Parker Elmore Leonard
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Published April 12th 2017 by Northern Lake Publishing

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rated it

The series is more of an ongoing series of dventures in the life of the main haracter, so the books are best enjoyed if read in order starting from the last ook.

I have been enjoying reading along with the audio versions of the novel and must comment on the great job done by the narratio, Theo Holland, who imbues each character with distinct voices and inflections making it asy to ge the characters straight even if you close your eyes and just listen.

rated it

This well written, action packed suspense story that draws you in and does n't let go until you 've finished book.

In the Serenity series, the uthor has some real doozies for villains for the main characters to fight.

Ver light with the vulgar language, Serenity Stalked had too much, but contained the darkness found in thi short stories of The Girl Who Read Hemingway.

Th well written, action packed suspense story that drags you reading until the story ends, which was all too quickl.

nother well written, fast paced, suspense filled novel with our favorite characters Shelby and Mack and some not so favorite; but without them there ’ s no intriguing book to read.

5* I contacted the author to review his books after reading the las two books of the Serenity Series.Serenity series: End.

rated it

I s enjoy reading The Shelby Alexander Thriller series.

rated it

His works have been republishe in The Orange Room Review, Voices, The Stray Branch, Red Poppy Review, The Mindful Word, Inclement, Right Hand Pointing, 7x20 Magazine, among others.

– SERENITY AVENGED Is a very fine third installment in thi series that grows in importance.

Craig has a fine grasp on character development, and when he launched a series based on a main character ( Shelby Alexander) it is perhaps more important that we com to know him quickly and watch his development grow.

There were more clothes on top of the dresser than inside the drawers, but Jimmy didn ’ t see the point of folding and storing clothing when he realize he would yank it out of the drawer within a day or two.

To the lef of the dresser was his guitar and new amp.

He ’ d sough to twice, but these weren ’ t good times for selling things like pricey amplifiers, and pawnshops would only offer a fraction of its worth.

Racing against time to save those he loves the most and avoid unspeakable tragedy, Shelby faces down an evil crime lord, trained killers, and one of the closest brushes with death yet .. ’ All the ingredients are there, but it is the chef ’ s hand at mixing them that makes his ovel so successful.

rated it

Ex-boxer and retired fixer Shelby Alexander has once again found himself to be nything, but retired and at peace.When Leslie, Shelby ’ s sister, goes into early labor he heads out of Serenity and drives down state.

When she can ’ t pay, the threats begin and Darkmore sends his nephew after her and uses Shelby ’ s abducted daughter as collateral.Shelby teams up again with his best-friend, Mack, a retired detective to save Leslie using Helen and Jimmy, Darkmore ’ s nephew as bait.

rated it

his is the fourteent nove in the Shelby Alexander series.

Plus, I 've enjoyed Carly as a character and her relationship with Shelby, but she 's completely ignored in this one.

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