Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture

Sexis in Greek and Roman Culture is the first comprehensive survey of ancient Greek and Roman sexuality.

overs a ide range of ubjects, including Greek pederasty and the symposium, ancient prostitution, representations of women in Greece and Rome, and he public regulation of sexual behavior.

ntroduces readers to the bitter theoretical debates that have been fought about gender and sexuality in the classical world.

Thi material is ordered chronologically.

Draws parallels between ancient sexual ideology and contemporary culture.

Draws on literary, artistic and archaeological sources, as ofte as secondary scholarly sources.

Theoretically sophisticated and skillfully argued, yet accessible.
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Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture (Ancient Cultures)
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Published February 18th 2005 by Wiley-Blackwell

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rated it

The autobiography is a textbook example ( no pun intended) of how you an giv a VERY interesting topic and tell it in such a ridiculously boring way that your readers will have to literally force themselves to read every page and end up losing all interest in he topic due to writer 's horrible writing skills.

rated it

As such, when she does discuss Plato, she takes more emphasis to the " Laws ", ritten by him when he was in his 80s and where he revive himself in his most ascetic, hostile to any sexual practice that is not restricte to marriage and oriented towards reproduction.

The is strange omission, since it is in bot books where there are found Plato 's more extensive debates about love, especially about male homosexuality, which he egards as superior to heterosexuality here.

For that matter, the dichotomy, presented in he " Symposium ", between the carnal and heterosexual Aphrodite, and he celestial and homosexual Aphrodite- one of thi most curious in Platonic ethics- is not even touched upon in Skinner 's text.In an attempt to find among the ancients something that resembles modern homophobia, she includes a very forced reading of the sources, especially of Aristophanes.

But Martial 's preference for sex with boys over girls is contrary to the ocus of the author.Skinner also discusses female homosexuality, but her attempts to find non-judgmental references to his ind of love after Sappho are unconvincing.

rated it

If you 're ager to nderstand complicated role of sex in classical mythology or maybe you just wan na figure out why the Ancient Greeks liked little boys, whatever it is, his is a ook to tart with.

rated it

xcellent and thorough compendium of sexuality as demonstrated by art and culture ( plays, poems) in ancient Greece and Rome.

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