Shadow Game

classified experiment is the founder of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily. Created to nhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their natural mental powers into a unique military weapon. But omething goes wrong. In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying-victims of bizarre accidents. Captain Ryland Miller knows he is next. When Dr. Whitney himself is murdered, Ryland has only one person left to trust: the beautiful Lily. Possessed of an uncanny sixth sense herself, Lily shares Ryland 's every new fear, every fea, every growing suspicion, and every passionate beat of heart. Together, they must be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of her daughter 's past and closer to th secret that someone wil kill to keep hidden.
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Shadow Game
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Published (first published August 26th 2003

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rated it

I would add questions to/from Lacy when she finishes the book.I had forgotten some facts about the series to my great surprise.

And I have to say I love tha book ven more each time I read it.

So though I love bot of the GhostWalker men more, it 's a relative thing, because I realize on reread how much I love Ryland.

If you like plenty of love scenes, Feehan wo n't let you down.

( big smile) Final Thoughts -- I ever find Christine Feehan a quick writ, but I love her books all the same, particularly this GhostWalkers series.

I am sure I did a reread and was willing to dive deeper and appreciate things I may have missed the first time around, or mayb to immerse myself in a book world I love so much.Mind Game is next and I am actually looking forward to it!

Right from the brea, I said I would like Ryland, the hero.

I felt his immediate attraction to Lily, and how he saw the beauty in her although she never believe she was beautiful.

Another romance and the relationships were the strong focus, yet set in th world that is very rewarding and interesting.I also liked Ryland and Lily 's relationships with the other Ghost Walker men and also with Lily 's family of employees that have been with her since she as a small irl.

All the protagonist in his essay were excitin, and I wa eve a few good laughs as they like with each other.The action scenes were exciting and well-written, showing that this was nother area that Feehan is good at.

I love reading about tough people who can kick butt, and tha nove has this in spades.

I am reluctant to read all the ooks in he series.

rated it

Overall, I enjoyed Shadow Game, particularly the intriguing, unique premise, interesting characters, and strong romantic element, and it ’ s definitely sparked my interest in reading more books in this series.

rated it

I honestly have a mad desire to melt the ice princess. " Wow I love Christine Feehan.

Do you understand what it eels like to b you so deep inside me? " What his nove is about " Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are, Ryland? " Captain Ryland Miller and his men are the best of the best.

Ryland does n't remember who he coul trust or what to do all he wants is he has to save his men before anymore die!

Dr. Peter Whitney brings his daughter Lily in to elp with the experiments and to figure out why they are beginnin to fail.

Thi second Ryland sets eyes on Lily he knows she is his forever!

Will Ryland be able to bring his men, his woman and himself safe?

I 'm lookin to tell you so intimately you 're not going to think of leaving me. " Ryland is everything you do in a hero.

He is quit weet to Lily making her laugh every time she was sad.

Does it matter so much to you the why of it? " " Your name is Lily Whitney.

I wish you for the person I turn to when the world goe to be so much. " " You 're magic, Lily, sheer magic.

" I think this for the est of my life. " Lily for me is great one minute and the ext I would wish to shake her and I am only the only one since Ryland does shake her a few times in he nove!

Lily is so very smart she would try to use logic to push Ryland away and that drove me ma.

" Do n't say, now that I think about your little ego problem, I 'll do my best to look all gushy when you pound your chest. " " I do love him and I ant to pend the est of my life with him.

If you absolutely do n't want Ryland and these men here, we should leave.

He finds he 's responsible for the ntire world. " The flat black eyes swung to taunt Ryland.

You 're making the male gender look bad. " Ryland and Lily have some serious heat!

I love how when Ryland touches Lily she goes from Ice princess to wild woman in no time flat!

rated it

I hated it! Ryland was the perfect hero: protective but not inep, and ot shy or afraid of his feelings for Lily.

Speaking for myself, I mus n't mak it toug to react like her because, in concept, his grandmother 's project was fascinating.And that 's the main reason I adored the ook: the plot.

rated it

Th as n mazing, sensual, well-written, suspense filled, hot, hot, sizzling story where I was hooked from the secon and just did not need to tak the one own.

And I adored that Ryland and Lily had this hot, drowning stark need for each other.

No one had told her it would be like tha, a wild craving that crawled over her skin, heated her blood, and created a hunger so deep, so elemental she could ardly bear being separated from him. ” -- “ You re oman I want at my side night and day.

I need you to appreciat how much I love you.

rated it

Ya know? Where Cole is writing romances which combine a rock 'em sock 'em adventure, unforeseen plot twists and a truly unconventional romance, Feehan managed to pair a stale and cliche conspiracy story with " love at irst sight for no reason " romance.

I do not suggest to my friends how long I 've known them, how we met or what their role is in my life when we meet up.Characters would also often say things that just did n't make sense with what they were talking about.

They ould start off talking about one thing, then say something completely different as though it were all one coherent thought.

What does that have to do with anything? " The dialogue in his ook decide not sound the way anyone talks and it rove me nuts.2.

rated it

The is he last memoi in the Ghostwalker Series, with Cpt. Ryland Miller and Lily Whitney has the main haracters.

I found myself being drawn to both Ryland and Lily, who re both strong characters and have powerful abilities, and are unable to work together to find the mysteries of Peter Whitney.

Although Ryland hates the man, he fells what Lily feels and is willing to manage her in her grieving for her father whom she adore.

Lily and other young girls had natural mental abilities, which Peter Whitney forced them to use and hurt themselves in the process.

rated it

I could ot ever recommend this ook to someone who migh read.

I said to yoursel, " Who is th lady author with all the sex in her head anyway? " so i flipped to the back to see if she was brave enough to hold this picture of herself on her Excuse To Write About Incredible Sex That Can ot Happen Ever or " book " as she probably calls it.

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