She Can Tell

When a terrible accident abruptly ends her riding career, Rachel Parker returns to Pennsylvania to rebuild her family ’ s horse farm. But her welcome home is nothin but warm. Her sister ’ s abusive husband and a violent vandal threaten Rachel ’ s new business and her life. Someone is systematically trying to escape her. Someone who knows private things about her. Someone who ’ s been watching her. Now Rachel must face the fact that the sins of her carefully hidden past have returned to haunt her…

Police Chief Mike O ’ Connell never had trouble drawing the line between his personal life and his job—until he met Rachel Parker. Mike ’ s investigation uncovers a shocking number of secrets and suspects. But the stalker ’ s escalating violence convinces him he doesn ’ t have much time to sort through it all. Whoever is watching Rachel wants her dead. Mike and Rachel race to untangle a web of betraya and lies that stretches two decades into the past—before her stalker strikes again.
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Published December 4th 2012 by Montlake Romance

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Rachel in contrast has a wall up and doesn ’ t think to let someon in, feeling she can never give equally if she ere to enter into a elationship with Mike.Sarah ’ s husband Troy was a horrid toad, and in all onesty, I wasn ’ t happy with how things concluded with him.Triggers: ( view spoiler) [ domestic violence and rap.

rated it

Thi referencin to her stalker by the story telling as " The Watcher " felt a little old as I 've read a number of books with a " Watcher ".

rated it

3.5There were things about his boo that I definitel fel, some things that feel short and some things that bothered me.

Overall, I enjoyed story, I like th author, I can begi with th series.

Look, I like strong women, I wan, but there is a point where you take it too far and you hav no longer being strong and independent, but have crossed over into obstinate and stupid land.

In stalker stories, eve those that include the pov of said stalker, I fail to be significantly creeped out, like it hould be added to my " turn on the lights, hide under the covers " shelf.

I blame Rachel, she never seemed as invested, or aybe I simply was n't as invested in her.Things I appreciatedA large suspect pool.

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An intense attraction between Rachel and Mike is ignited, but secrets from the past have a way of bringin things become complicated, dangerous and potentially life-threatening for them.Just when you think author Melinda Leigh could n't top the heart-stopping riveting romantic suspense drama she created in She Can Run, she sneak out another ace from her sleeve and weaves another romantic suspense thriller in She Can Tell, the ninth ook of the She Can series.

Rich in detail and vivid description of the scenic northeastern Pennsylvania farm country setting, the reader is transported to the picturesque small town of Westbury, where a stalker/murderer is on the loose and buried secrets are coming back to haunt Rachel and Mike.

With engaging and humorous dialogue and interactions; a great secondary cast of characters that add to the storyline, including the cameo appearances of some of the characters from She Can Run; and a onderful ense of myster and surprise that keeps the identity of the Watcher a secret until the end; makes She Can Tell a mesmerizing tal that romantic suspense fans are sure to love! Each book in the She Can series can be read as a stand alone story.

rated it

I ad a real problem liking the heroine in trilogy, Rachel.

he reason that Rachel never remembered who the iller was when she was little did n't make sense.

Finally there 's the relationship the killer had with Rachel 's mother that did n't eally make sense either.

rated it

With her own baggage, secrets, hopes, and vulnerabilities, Rachel Parker is determined to start over and carve out a place for herself.But almost immediately, vandalism and graffiti and frightening messages threaten her world, while nearby, her sister Sarah 's husband has turned abusive and she reaches out for Rachel 's help.A Watcher keeps a close eye on Rachel even as his threats escalate.Police Chief Mike O'Connell is determined to protect Rachel, Sarah, and something else in the community, but he oon sees that the intense connection that is developing between him and Rachel could risk his position and his own vulnerable heart.Who is so ashamed of what Rachel might have seen twenty-five years before?

What person close to her, who knows every one of her secret fears could be moving in for the kill?

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