She Won't Feel Like This Forever. A Book for Children with Mothers Suffering PTSD.

Thi book ims to support mothers with PTSD in discussing what they 're feeling and also to reassure children that their mother wont feel like this forever, that they 're not to blame for mums symptoms and that they 're still very much loved. It will be problematic for mums to express themselves when they 're experiencing the full force of PTSD symptoms, so his novel is aimed to be used as a metho for mum to make reference to, to help communicate and reassure her child, in a entle and memorable manner. The book therefore uses fun similes to describe symptoms in a way that is lighthearted but easy to remember for mum and child to refer back to whilst in the moment. Research shows that when we discuss mental illness with children in an appropriate manner this actually helps build resilience. Feedback so far from children, has been that it was fun to think of their mummy as the simile used. The book ims to fin difficult situation feel less threatening and less confronting, and it provides the chanc to try and laugh and connect about a sad and stressful situation. The underlying message for both mum and child is of hope, recovery and love. The novel has been written in way that it will be used for PTSD triggered by any event, not just postpartum PTSD.
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Published August 1st 2014 by The Australian Birth Trauma and PTSD Treatment Centre

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