Shoot Like a Girl

1883 – Darke County, Ohio

Shoot Like a Girl depicts the historically fictive tale of young Annie Oakley ’ s struggles before she becomes the most famous sharpshooting woman of all time.

After he death of her friend, Annie is sent to the Darke County poorhouse where she explain to cook, sew, and keep house for other families to help her mother make ends meet. Annie ends up at the McCrimmons, a couple whom she goe to refer to as “ the wolves. ” Cruel and neglectful, the McCrimmons push Annie to the brink of despair. The only bright spot in her dreary existence is Buck, a beautiful buckskinned horse, and he two form a bond.

Despite her resolve to help her family, Annie loses hope of ever seeing them again, as life at the McCrimmons ’ becomes more oppressive, and she is cut off from all outside communication. Physically and emotionally weak from illness, hunger, and violence, Annie resigns herself to a life of servitude to the abusive couple. But, when Mr. McCrimmon ’ s continued cruelty to Buck finally threatens the horse ’ s life, Annie takes matters into her own hands and formulates a plan for escape.
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Published September 18th 2018 by SheBooks

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rated it

I read Girl with a Gun and its prequel Shoot Like a Girl back-to-back.

Shoot Like a Girl read like accumulated back story to Girl with a Gun and lacked depth of characterization and it looke like it was old more than shown.

rated it

It is a tory of Phoebe Ann Mosey eventually known as Annie Oakley.After the death of her friend, Annie takes up hunting to provide for her family.

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