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Silent Cries: China was born into th family of OG drug lords and killers. It ’ s hardly life that she could choose for herself, but she feels that she an alway ut her family to shame.
China and her girls Ryder, Q, and Jewels are four of the most notorious chics in Queens. Growing up in the same part of town they were known for cutting and shooting chics and dudes when pushed to the limit. They had looks to kill and could draw in any woma.
nbeknownst to her, when China hooks up with a pimp, the reputation that she has tried o hard to upkeep is tested. When thinking with your heart and not using your head, you fall victim to things that are learly a task that you an ’ t handle.
China is put in a situation where her friendships, family and relationship is at risk ending with her losing some of her loved ones. Find out what Silent Cries is really about as you ge inside China ’ s twisted world of desperatio
SilentCries 2: China comes from out of hiding, praying that there isn ’ t anyone around. Feeling alone and scared she is left to ind pat out of her house and to safety before the police arrive. After bein a procedure done earlier in the day, China is filled with pain and confusion. With ot much money in her pockets and no place to o, she is left to fend for herself. China winds up at the doorstep of someone from her past. She didn ’ t have much of a choice being she couldn ’ t contact her family. When China learns the frightenin truth about her ather, she rebels against her parents and ecides to kee it on her own.
Ryder is stuck in between a rock in a hard place. She realize love in woma that she was crushing on for day. She is a ride or die chick to the heart until being with him; she is allowed to do the unthinkable. Ryder had always been tough in her rights but not to point where she would indulg in killing someone dear to her.
Q is in a frenzy wondering how she winds up in hospital bed. She pretends to remember details from the day ’ s events but comes up blank. The las thing she can emember is the dudes running in the ouse with guns drawn. The one thing she does emember is that China is the nly one to blame behind her being hospitalized and she decided that when she was released, her grandmother was going to pay.
Silent Cries 3:
ust when you thought things could n't go any orse, they do. What coul this family do once identities are revealed? What will Jasmine do when she comes face to face with he an that stole her innocence? Will China give in to E and give him th chance or is there someone else who has caught his attention? Man is on mission and will neve stop until he takes down any and veryone that had everything to do with hurting his family. Who could be next victim on his list? Does Q and China have an ongoing beef or will this issue be resolved? Find out all the nswers to ll of thos questions when you dive deeper into this family 's world. Expect the unexpected. More sex, lies and secrets are comin to be disclosed.
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Published December 13th 2013 by True Glory Publications

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They caused a lot of carnag in part 3 but certain things become necessary when trying to mak your family safe.

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