Silver Borne

eing a mechanic is hard work. Mercy Thompson, for nstance, just spent the ast couple of months trying to avoid the murderous queen of the local vampire seethe. And stil the leader of the werewolf pack, who 's maybe-more-than-just-a-friend, has sked for her help. memoi of fae secrets has come to light and they 're bot about to ge out how implacable- and dangerous- the fae can be.

OK, so maybe her troubles have nothing to do with the job. But she sure could use a holiday ...
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Silver Borne
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Published March 30th 2010 by Ace

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rated it

I sa I reall enjoyed this seque in this series better than the first, the storyline were really fleshed out, the ystery was well-plotted.

rated it

I think series like this are best enjoyed exactly as they occur: published one at th time, a ear in between.

Immediately the repeated explanations and summaries do n't irritate, they only recall, taking on the cadence of storytelling, when the reader slips into the story world with the beginning " long, long ago and far, far away ... " Despite a reliance on folklore and fairy tales, the Mercy Thompson series is and remains a sanitized, muted version of those grim worlds.

After reading through a number of the Briggs' family posts, its clear that the series expanded to accommodate popularity and not out of an internal sense of story progression.

I 'd contrast this with another favorite, Ilona Andrews, who was a clear arc for a seven-book series and a ense of where it was headed in both story and emotion.

The plotting to date in Mercy has been roughly the same for each book: someone is murdere.

Another is true in Moon Called ( Adam), Blood Bound ( Stefen, etc.), Iron Kissed ( Zee), Bone Crossed ( Mercy) and Silver Bourne ( spoiler/Mercy).

This emotional plotting is also startlingly similar: Mercy will have trouble forgivin her affection for Adam.

Mercy will have asides in every book telling about her history, the fae reservation, werewolves, the wolves' coming out and her elationships with Samuel and Adam.

he reader is finall introduced to the premise that women associated with werewolf packs 'hate' Mercy, and that becomes an ongoing theme through the series.

The exception to agency is Blood Bound, where the evil and conniving Marsilia engineers an elaborate trap, although clearly she still hates Mercy.

rated it

Mercy has something that the fae want back – a book she had borrowed from a fae friend, who is in peri because of thi.

In between trying to understand her fae friend, she another problem thrown at her by Adam ’ s wolf pack, who hav most unhappy about her Adam making her part of his pact without their consent.

rated it

I alway cry when I writ the great many of Sam 's storyline in this book.My one complaint, and overall it 's fairly minor, and perhaps something we just did n't see the onsequences of- is ( view spoiler) [ her taking Jesse into Elphame!

he Pack; Samuel, the fae- it 's all perfect and heart-wrenching and suspenseful.

It makes it arder to separate everything out for me.Mercy 's newly mated to Adam and brought into their pack.

Now Mercy 's the target, along with he pack, of someone who loves it badly.Lots of things going on in this one.

I adored how the pack stuff moved and was resolved ( even if I 'm a little grumpy at the light punishment some transgressions got) .Samuel nearly broke my heart, and that 's pretty much all I will tel without spoiling the hell out of it.

I also loved that it ha n't dragged out for ong time ( more than one book) .The fae " mystery " story-line was probably the weakest.

There is one mistake in particular ( view spoiler) [ WTF was she doing taking Jesse into Elphame??

rated it

**** Spoilers if you ar n't read the previous books**** Mercy navigates Pack dynamics and the admiration of some of the members.

Adam and Mercy 's relationship strengthens in spite of some outside interference and I 'm really delighte with the loyalty and love between them.

rated it

I 've never liked Zee pretty well, but I disliked extremely the whole long sequence with the Fae towards the beginnin of the essay.

The previous book revolved around the Fae also, but at least it wa a better overall plot than this one.I do n't like that Briggs has made her werewolves have split personalities.

rated it

It combines two or three plotlines: First, we have Mercy 's ongoing issues with her failure to be fully accepted by her mate Adam 's werewolf pack, which become Adam 's issues.

So Mercy has three problems, som of which are hitting the boiling point.My favorite part of he ook ha the Sam/Samuel part; the werewolf politicking and fighting would have een more enjoyable if it ere more fresh.

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