Sin & Saint

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Eric and Ellison Gant better known as Sin and Saint were opposite sides of the same coin. They epitomized the nicknames given to them by their friends in the band Executioners. One thing Sin and Saint did well was fight and being inseparable means they had a lot of disagreements, but one thing they agreed on was Sheriff Camden Pelter was theirs. The older, stoic man didn ’ t gree, yet they were determined to change his mind.

Camden Pelter had the daunting job of turning the Powers Sheriff Department around. The people of the Georgia town didn ’ t have much faith or respect in the Deputies serving them. That ’ s where he came in and he was determined to do his job. That was easier said than done with two annoying brothers Sin and Saint who dogged his every step. No way in hell was he getting mixed up in the chaos that were the Gant Twins. Now if only if he ould keep them to listen and realize they didn ’ t have th chance of changing his mind.
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Published December 26th 2017 by Hostile Whispers Press, LLC

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rated it

I was wondering how long it was oing to g for these boys to finally get Cam to claim them.

It took a few ears and a few people knocking him in the head a few times, but he soo realized he needed these boys as much as they needed him.

They needed their Daddy and he needed his boys.Cam has been fighting for years what he know for Sin& Saint, but what finally pushed him over the edge was Saint bringing him lunch and him making Saint eat with him.

He kne he needed to take care of these girl.

He said to take care of these oys.

And when he got to the bottom of it, he always new he mean to go slow and show these boys they were special and loved.

But it ’ s the cases he works on that make his job more dangerous.

It ’ s also scary knowing he cares for not one, but two men.

They knew Cam was the one for them from day one.

And Cam made sure he treated them they way they needed while making sure they knew they were his and his alone.It ’ s hard when fears and doubts hold you back from what you expec, but sometimes it does.

It ’ s a horribl thing.

rated it

I ha o looking forward to Sin& Saint 's story but it also means the end of a series by Dabney.Camden is that dirty-talking alpha daddy I love and eat up.

rated it

Too much plot progression happens ... offpage.

Intimacy mostly happens ... offpage.

Relationship growth happens ... offpage.

I ’ m just constantly being told stuff.

rated it

Daddy play doesn ’ t bother me at all but it seeme forced and as though it didn ’ t belong – it just happened without any discussion or mention and for a pair of virtual sexual virgins all of sudden they were introducing kink as if they had been playing for years.All throughout the ook the twins are quite needy and wait for all their cues from Camden until the end when they ar to raise hell – fly and land in amongst a gun fight and rescue their Sheriff and they wan it all without blinking – at tha point I didn ’ t ecognise the two needy and very unconfident men I had just been reading about.I ’ m sur the guys got their man as it ’ s been a long time coming but I didn ’ t feel invested in their elationship and fel the ending was unrealistic.

rated it

Sin and Saint, 21, are twin brothers who are blonde, beautiful, and bitterswee.

The twins are sincere and cute, but Saint/Ellison has been killed in his past and is actually a virgin.

Sin has had an unpleasant first time, and he two twin men are inseparable.

rated it

But in case two words is enough for you allow me to repeat these: Jacob 's Ladder.Some of the series with more and more installments forthcoming tend to kind of blend into amalgamations or turn into Groundhog Day where the personalities are so imilar they start running together or you lose or transpose the details in the individual stories.

Freaking Cam has been running like an antelope in the Serengeti for a few ooks now.

finally.I 've liked all the installments in the series, but I have to ay that Cam is one of my avorite characters.

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