Sins & Needles

Ellie Watt is used to starting over. The mistres of a grifting team, Ellie spent her childhood being used as a pawn in her grandparent' latest scam. Now she ’ s much older, wiser and ready to get her con artist life a rest. But returning to the dry desert town of Palm Valley, California means one more temptation than she bargained for – Camden McQueen.

Once known as the high school weirdo, Camden is bigger and badder than the gir he used to be and a talented tattoo artist with his own thriving business. Ellie ’ s counting on Camden still being in love with her but what she ’ s not counting on is how easily unrequited love can turn into obsession over time. When Camden discovers Ellie ’ s lan to con him, he akes her a deal she doesn ’ t dare refuse, but her freedom comes with th price and it ’ s one that takes both Ellie and Camden down a dangerous road.
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Sins & Needles
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Published January 25th 2013 by Metal Blonde Books (first published January 1st 2013

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rated it

And scarred outside where it shows ... She comes back to the mansio she grew up.

All hose years without a home. "

For your Sins.I 've called " Ellie " many names, while reading anothe ook but I ould n't have said it any better ...

That ’ s the trouble with pain, Ellie.

Most people have their pain deep inside, in places no one ever goes.

Camden McQueen is the only person, Ellie would have expected to meet again.

He di n't have the scars, but he has the burdens that come with them.

" I hate you, Ellie Watt, " he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, " because I now love you after all hese years. "

Now Ellie, has to be brave enough to tak her Sins in his hands.

rated it

This world is bad and I 'm just rying to survive in it. ” This is new Camden!! He is cute, tattoo artist ... He is somethin like the gir she left behind in high school .. He ’ s talented and they ar an intense attraction to each other that she an ’ t hurr to consummate.She keep her mind to do one last job…Ellie is such a real character! At first I like her but then I love her! She is shaped by events from when she is a young woma and crime is really the only ay she knows how to get ahead.Camden is equally hurt.His scars might not be on display like Ellie ’ s but that doesn ’ t mean they aren ’ t there.There is such a range to who he is, to who he was, and I couldn ’ t help but feel for him .. Both characters are damaged by their childhoods.The physical and emotional baggage they carry around with them is what made his story o interesting .. Glimpses of past give a better knowledg of their personalities and relationships .. " You 're alway afraid, Ellie Watt.You 're afraid to show the world what you 're really like.You 're afraid to come peace with your scars, because the minute you acept them you have to let go of your anger.And then who would you be? " I do n't tell " About Javier I have to ask one thing if Ellie Watt falls for him again, I 'll hit her with all my strenght!! The ending was ... holy shit!!!! Cant wait for the third ook!!!! Favourite quotes " There 's no one else I wanted to love " " No one who deserved it more than you " " I love you " " From until the end under any name you choose " " It 's like art Ellie " " Art? " Like an abstract painting.You can find art and beauty in everything.If you look hard enough, but your beauty is just staring you in the face. " For more reviews you can check mine and Kristinas 's blog.

rated it

It 's tory that perhaps seems a little nbelievable.

I wo n't get a lot away about he plot because experiencing it raw is half the fun, but I must believ that the haracters are nothing short of perfect.

Ellie is a kick ass, tell it like it is, con artist.

he perfect mixture of push and pull.

Anothe perfect lend of salty and sweet.

ometimes you just wan to get lost in the ridiculou.

rated it

And I thin numerou people have used that image in their reviews but, come on, do you really ever get tired of looking at that? This book took as a complete shock to me.

But his ook is all thes things becaus, minus a ton of disgusting control-freakery, sexism and general stupidity from the " protagonis ", minus extremely bad writing, plus some well-rounded characterization that goes beyond " my mummy abused me so now I like to beat you, WAAAAAH! " Sins& Needles has the flirty fun to make you giggle, it has some darkness and danger to keep your eyes glued to the page ( I stayed up until 5am and was literally on the verge of passing out) and it has some DAMN HAWT sex scenes.Though I 'm no writer myself, I imagine it can be ery eas to prov that perfect balance with a love interest.

Camden is a haracter with a well-woven story that compiles elements of the nerdy outsider he was in high school and the trong, good-looking man he is ow to create a very interesting package.

He is flawed and does n't actuall do the right thing but you ca n't help but love him all the same.The main story is quit dark in many ways but I kind of wishe I 'd written this review before reading the equally good short prequel- On Every Street- because this changes your perspective on quite a few way.

I love authors that do that, give you anothe idea and let you kno you know what 's going on but then turn it on its head, introduce some new information and completely change the rules of the game.

Camden McQueen remembers her all too ell and with him comes memories that Ellie has been rying to forget.The other thing about contemporary romances that make them not a avourite of mine is the formula that all of them eem to follow.

Eve its the exciting mafia subplot that makes novel so different, turning Ellie and Camden into a sens of Bonnie and Clyde duo.On the subject of not entirely likeable characters, I 've read where some people say they do n't like Ellie and I wil see why.

She 's done many things I hate but she remind herself for them equally and I just love the complexity of her haracter.

Jus you think I 'm scare, but there 's neve been something about love stories with bad people that has totally pulled me in.

( hide spoiler) ]* happy sigh* Sins& Needles is n't completely without flaws, but it is one of he most well-written indie books out there.

rated it

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A big thank you to Karina Halle for providing me an ARC for an honest review!!!

Sins& Needles will be Karina Halle 's first release of 2013 and all I an ay right now is ...... Bring out the fireworks my peeps, coz this woman is ROCKIN GOOD!!!

Woohoo, god, I do n't always now where to star the review with!

I 've been excited to writ this ever since Karina announced it, and thi reason that I got to read an ARC of it is mayb a sliver lining on the cloud that I 'm floating on right now!!!

Fleeing from one of her such Oh-shit-I-fucked-up-with-the-wrong-man situation Ellie finds herself driving back to her hometown.

Uncle Jim being Ellie 's only saving grace every time she or her family needs saving.

Ellie decides to find anothe job at a Coffee shop, somethings better than nothing right, something a little too inconspicuous.

Ellie and Camden ...

Sins& Needles is an absolute Karina Halle is an expert when it omes to creating characters who are fucked up and story lines which are messed up!

Ellie and Camden are such two characters who are living their life with the choices they 've made.

Karina Halle has quite an exquisite 'Desert Playlist' that bodes well with the feeling of his ook.

;) What I alway enjoy about Karina Halle 's writing and story telling technique is that not only does she create some pretty real and genuine characters, she also say how to get the reader engrossed in thi world she creates for these characters.

Sins and Needles is her first Dark Contemporary romance and the woman sure knows how to spin one hell of a fairytale.

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