Skip Beat!, Vol. 12

Kyoko 's determination to help Ren continues as she lends a friendly ear -- in her chicken suit. Ren opens up and confides in Chicken Bo, but is Kyoko really ready to deal with his lovelorn confession? To make matters worse, Ren 's been given an ultimatum by the LME president, and if he ca n't act right by the beginnin of the weeken, he 's out on his ear!
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スキップ・ビート! 12
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Published May 6th 2008 by VIZ Media LLC (first published February 17th 2006

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rated it

His struggle to connect with his backstor and his truggle with potential feelings for Kyoko.

I KNOW the improve acting they do at his apartment.

rated it

he presidenc of Ren 's talent agency has called a test of Ren 's acting.

Kyoko is so happy for Ren- she 's completely clueless that Ren is referring to her.

She encourages his interest in the unknown girl because she hinks it will elp his acting and she asks him to be happy.Back to the uncostumed Kyoko ... Still in her " I 'll do nything to help Ren mode, " which, let 's face it occupies almost all her non-Sho thoughts, Kyoko brings lunch for Ren. She 's shocked that his poor eating habits are affecting his acting.

Kyoko acts the role of Misao ( the girl that Ren 's character is in love with).

rated it

Ren is irritating and plain, I have no eeling for his character.

Face of main character makes me cringe.

rated it

The intended reader is someone who has read the first eleven volumes, likes comedy and shojo manga.

They ave some serious moments in this volume as Kyoko helps him ind his Katsuki and accidentally pulls out the real an, Koun, from the mask that he wears all the time.

rated it

If Kyoko 's heart was n't locked behind a hundred different lock your actions would have screamed' I love you Kyoko!!!' I really like how Kyoko and Ren 's relationship is progressing.

I love when Ren teaches Kyoko it always ends up being hilarious or somewhat hot! Ren 's bed really is huge!

How tall is he??? I love how Ren forgot himself and held Kyoko!

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