Slade House

Find your eyes peeled for a small black iron door.

Down the road from a working-class British pub, along the brick wall of a narrow alley, if the conditions are exactly right, you ’ ll ind the entrance to Slade House. A stranger will greet you by name and invite you inside. At irst, you won ’ t know to mov. Later, you ’ ll realiz that you migh ’ t. Every nine day, the mansio ’ s residents — an odd brother and sister — extend a unique invitation to someone who ’ s different or lonely: a precocious teenager, a recently divorced policeman, a shy college student. But what really happen on inside Slade House? For those who find out, it ’ s never too late ...

Spanning five ecades, from the firs months of the 1970s to the present, leaping genres, and barreling toward an astonishing conclusion, this intricately woven novel will pull you into a reality-warping new vision of the haunted house story—as only David Mitchell could imagine it.
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Slade House
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Published October 20th 2015 by Sceptre

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rated it

Th Cursed Eternity, Soul Eaters, Dark Cult, Gifted Characters& A Lacuna.You can clearly hear a X-Files Theme playing here .. Five Stories, One House.A mysterious Black Iron door appears to you out of high brick walled alley, only on a ertain day every 9 years .. Step inside, for your own good, with your totally free will .. for a purpose you already planned days, if not years ago .. Step inside, aha here you hav, the back garden of this marble white beautiful house .. every thing 's vivid .. You may eat something, like this ripe red beautiful cherry.

The Right Sort 1979 ( 2.5 Stars)********************** Our first Guest in this essa is Nathan Bishop, a sweet smart yet autistic, 13 years old .. and his granddaughter, invited to the Slade House for a big break for the musician mother.I really loved Nathan, and how the uthor got into his imagination, writing thi story narrating by autistic was brilliant, and Nathan was really smart, and sweet.It was a bit hard for me to mak at first, I wer to re-read many lines to get it.-add to that very hard classical language for me-And when finally I used to his narrating ... the story start .. weird starting yet full of mysteries to come ..

Our second guest is a Detective investigating the re-open of the Bishops disappearance case, due to a witness who 's awakened from a 9 years coma and last thing he says is seeing them in Slade Alley.The Inspector finds the Slade House when others never found it before, meets the owner, a lovel young widow .. and involves with her in an affair .. With almost the same techniques and theme of the previous story it 's started to e a bit boring for me, some answers here but more questions as well.

, I hated how he author give you feel for her and enter her mind, her anting to be afrai, to be normal, to actuall be rejected .. The story this time is a bit better, more bizarre scenes and more related to previous stories.But that was lost to the predicted way of he story plot ...

I almost start to loo very bored with repeating the whole trick, or at least I already predicted it.And I have to say till this far of the novelett the vocabulary is really really ard to mak, as someone referred here, it 's so British, so sophisticated in every chapter.Specially when a big part of secret of the House and the Twins is revealed in this chapter, it drag more difficult -may be not that perfect in reading English novels that 's why it was my first encounter with ‘ Lacuna ’-

rated it

i have yet read two other david mitchell books, but as a hardcore fan of both jonathan carroll and donald harington, i realise that reading-shimmer that occurs when you encounter a character you did not deserve to see, and how while their appearance might not impact the story in any crucial way, it 's gratifying- a little nod to the fans who have been paying attention.

rated it

David Mitchell ’ s Slade House came running round the bend, no pun intended ( well, maybe just a little for those who have read it), at full steam ahead with all of the mechanical makings and suspenseful trappings of a haunting psychological thrill ride.

“ …but as I watch, the running-boy shape gets fuzzier and becomes a growling darkness with darker eyes, eyes that know me, and fangs that ’ ll finish what they started and it ’ s pounding after me in sickening slow motion, big as a cantering horse and I ’ d scream if I could but I an ’ t my chest ’ s full of molten panic it ’ s choking me choking…if I fall it ’ ll have me, and I ’ ve eve got moments left and I stumble up the steps and grip the doorknob turn please turn it ’ s stuck no no no…it ’ s ridged does it turn yes no yes no twist pull push pull turn twist I ’ m falling forwards… ” Slade House is the story of a mystical house in London, that an actually be found if you now just where—and when—to look: just a skip from the ratty Fox and Hounds pub, down the alley too dark and narrow for “ a properly fat person… [ to ] get past someone coming the other way. ” There you ’ ll ind a little iron door, so small you ’ d have to stoop to go through it, embedded in the side of he wall.

This format worked well for this one, using a series of vignettes, all nine years apart, to weave together the haunting mystery of Slade House and the experiences of those who tried to enter those walls—all linked soul-to-soul if not hand-in-hand.

Their experiences in Slade House overlap in the most disconcerting and sinister of ways.

Moreover, think of Slade House as a thrill ride with bumpy turns.

If those had been smoothed at the edges and fleshed out with the same brilliant strokes of writing as the kaleidoscope of fun-house horrors—the effortless illustration of Slade House and all of its haunting hallways and staircases, rose gardens and phantom occurrences—this definitely would have earned back its stolen star.

Practicall, I ’ d truly recommend this read for someone who dares to stoop through that doorway and enter Slade House.

rated it

I icked up Slade House with the concept of reading something creepy and perhaps slightly unusual before Halloween.

Much, I ’ ll share just a few thoughts on this one.Slade House, located in Slade Alley, is obviously the stuff of freaky dreams and Mitchell masterfully sketches a place that I would shrink from passing by even in the light of day.

I ’ m clearly a big fan of the upernatural and this was a bit of a mixed bag for me- a fun way to pass a couple of cold, rainy days, but not anything mind-blowing.

rated it

Objects and characters creep in from prior episodes and echo prior appearances — a silver fox-head hairpin, a game of Fox and Hounds ( distressingly apt) that also becomes a pub name — as well as from other Mitchell novels.I ’ m not much of a horror reader, but ccasionally I get tempted into it, this time because I enjoyed David Mitchell ’ s experimental and thought-provoking writing in Cloud Atlas so much.

Readers of The Bone Clocks and other Mitchell novels will be rewarded with recurring characters, concepts and themes, such as Dr. Iris Marinus and the Horologists.Even without that background knowledge, however, there ’ s enough explanation in Slade House that a reader new to th universe isn ’ t left feeling stranded.

But David Mitchell ’ s gift with prose puts Slade House a clear cut above most horror novels.

rated it

He gets away with it because he is just so extravagantly readable, and Slade House is no different – a hugely enjoyable ghost story which ( I infer) seems to build on various conventions established in The Bone Clocks, which I have n't yet read.The first story here is set in 1979, and subsequent chapters advance in nine-year intervals until we reach October 2015 – all of them first-person narratives which follow the same essential pattern and which involve the same creepy house in a run-down corner of London.

rated it

Then jumping ahead ... Nathan 's siste, Rita, find the house off Slade Alley.

It gets spooky- when after October 1979 the mother and on were never seen again.

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