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From the internationally bestselling author Catherine McKenzie comes an unforgettabl tale of two women navigating the secrets and lies at the heart of a wildfire threatening their town.

After a decadelong career combating wildfires, Elizabeth has traded in her former life for a quieter one with her wife. Now she works as the local arson investigator in a prett, quaint town in the Rockies. But that tranquil life vanishes when she and her husband gree to divorce and a fire in nearby Cooper Basin begins to spread rapidly. For Elizabeth, containing a raging wildfire is easier than accepting that her marriage has failed.

For Elizabeth ’ s ex-friend Mindy, who feels disconnected from her daughter and teenage children, the fire represents a chance to make this new purpose: helping th man who has lost his home to the blaze. But her faith is shattered by a shocking accusation.

As the encroaching inferno threatens the town ’ s esidents, Elizabeth and Mindy must discover what coul be lost in the fire, and what can be aved.
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Published October 20th 2015 by Lake Union

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rated it

Loved to say I had an advance look at Smoke before publication.

rated it

Told from two points of view, Elizabeth and Mindy, with the threat of a wildfire destroying their small community ever present as a backdrop to thi tory.

The story was aptivating and I found myself completely invested, not only Elizabeth and Mindy, but in any of the storyline in a essa.

rated it

It doesn ’ t fin her life any easier that she ’ s stil been tasked with figurin out exactly how the fire started-the one that threatening to estroy her home.

rated it

She walked away from combating fires a few months ago, but she till eels the pull to be out there with the smoke and the grit, trying to giv th difference, even at the etriment of her and Ben 's relationship.We aren ’ t told straight-out the reason for the divorce or what happened between Elizabeth and Mindy.

omething that would breath some life into tal, but it wasn ’ t fee like thi.

She wasn ’ t an easy character to like and as he story progressed, I found that I loved her ess and less.

It just so happens, this one wasn ’ t for me.

rated it

I* inhaled* " SMOKE ", by Catherine McKenzie.

Nevertheless, I was curious to find out what all the 'smoke' was about with Catherine McKenzie 's books.

This minor negative: ( funny coming from me), person who claims time and time againto be a reader .... 'not' a writer.

but ... in all onesty, I do n't see anything exceptional about Catherine McKenzie 's writing.

rated it

★★★½Smoke is a standalone, women 's fiction novel written by Catherine McKenzie.

In addition to the family drama aspects of the novella, Ms. McKenzie integrated elements of detective fiction and mystery as Elizabeth, an arson investigator, is narrowing down the ossibilities of how the current blaze began.

Personally, I enjoyed the various relationship/social drama components more than the actual investigation ( which was probably intentional), but I hink they all married together well in his tal and created a well-rounded reading experience.

rated it

As a story drag along we find out a bit about why Elizabeth and Ben are planning a divorce, who started the fire, the event that nded the friendship between Elizabeth and Mindy, teenager problems, how forest fires are fought, how to investigate a forest fire, and what oes on in a community when everyone wants someone to blame for the fire.

I found the start of th ook to be slow and it as th bit difficult for me to feel something for the characters or the story until I ha about 40% into thi tory.

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