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Bird and Earrings ...

Enchanted by the snakelike tongue of a stranger called Ama, nineteen-year-old Lui takes a walk into another side of life. On the Tokyo streets, she learns a world where pain bleeds into pleasure. Where day fades into night. And where right turns into wrong.
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蛇にピアス [Hebi ni piasu]
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Published May 19th 2005 by Dutton / Penguin Group (USA) (first published December 1st 2003

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rated it

It ha a SMIDGE too graphic for me ( pls note sarcasm, the haracters ha all teenagers and that bugged me to no end that they were doing shit like this), but it ha intriguing read I must remembe.

rated it

( I really hate it when people tag their dialogue with adverbs because the actual dialogue itself/context that it 's in should convey how the words are said, thereby making the use of adverbs totally unnecessary.) lso, I eel like all of the body-piercing stuff is wrong.

( Who knows -- maybe they do it differently in Japan.) I 've also never heard of anyone saying that the tongue is the most painful part of the body to get pierced.

rated it

Edit: I should mention that this is the las memoi I have ever ated so much that I actually threw it away.

Though it is totall necessar that the translation is sufficient and the ook is just so fucking horrible.


So that it matters.There is this unaffected, vapid, stupid 19 year old irl ( you do n't know really anything about her, her past or anything, only the way she reacts to the stupid men in th novel, from which I was orced to discove that she 's a moron), and she starts going out with anothe guy because he has a forked tongue, or anything.

THEN OH MY GOODNESS she realizes the police are after her forked-tongue quasi-boyfriend guy, because apparently even ridiculously trendy 18 year olds are n't meant to murder people.

Eventually she puts together a few obvious pieces that SUDDENLY appear conveniently ( nice plot development) and says thi is it extremely likely that the crazy piercer guy was the one who killed and raped forked tongue guy.

She bangs the piercer guy some more, because I uess, who cares that he kille and killed that other guy, I mean, whatever, life sucks and the main irl is SUCH A FUCKING MYSTERIOUS EDGY CHICK OR WHATEVER.

Obviously because it 's a shitty book and I bough it and ead it, but because IT HAD FUCKING RAVE REVIEWS all over it.

Much, to he people among those 1 million who bought this book and disliked it: screw you, you have unforgivably horrible taste.

rated it

Barbie girl goes to techno club and meets bad boy with a forked snake tongue obtained through gradual body modification/mutilation ( take your pick).

She becomes fascinated and turned on, they fuck immediately; she becomes immersed in the tattoo and piercing/ body modification world; wants a snake tongue, too, yadda yadda.

Kind of fascinating so far as a socio-cultural thing.

To hear the least, the 19-year-old gal seems to lack purpose; the attainment of the forked tongue and the elaborate tattoo on her back serves as one, and the attendant pain suggests a sort of purposeful kind of sacrifice and ritual; makes her feel alive.

Anyway, a good little yarn, but something of a glorified short story les than novell of true gravitas, it felt to me.

rated it

My friend Sabrina and I read it and we just could n't stop thinking and worrying about this book.The book has extremely explicit content and I ill mention that content in my review, so if you are faint-hearted, please, do not read any further.

( I 'm wonderin about tattoos, piercings, sex, alcohol, drugs, self mutilation) Lui, self destruction and depressionAs my friend pointed out, Lui is possibly suffering from depression.

But this autobiograph is extremely intriguing and what you eel will happen to Lui does n't really happen.You never know if you ave to blame Lui for what happens or pity her, and I said that he ook ha n't exactly about this.

It is undeniably creepy to read al of the scenes, but it is intriguing to see how Lui conceives it in her head.

It is also lways very interesting to ead about people living on the fringe.

People living on the fringe do n't have his need to abide by the rules and are, in way, uch more natural than we are.The book also shows a new generation.

A novel is an amusin way to examin theme and see the two visions.

he style of the bookI feel that the book manages to depict reality as it is and not mak a false image of teenagers with a conscience or with any kin of responsability.

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