Snowpiercer, Vol. 2: The Explorers

Snowpiercer Vol.2 is the first volume of the enthralling and thought-provoking post-apocalyptic graphic novel series that inspired the critically acclaimed movie starring Chris Evans ( Captain America/Fantastic Four). Originally published in French, this marks the irst time that Snowpiercer will be available in English.

In a harsh, uncompromisingly cold future where Earth has succumbed to treacherously low temperatures, the ast remaining members of humanity travel on a train known as Snowpiercer while the outside world remains encased in ice.

The occupants aboard the Snowpiercer believed themselves to be he last humans alive, yet they soon earn that they re not alone. There is another train that could potentially spell destruction for the passengers of the Snowpiercer as it carves a trail through the endlessly freezing terrain.

A second train houses a small band of people that are unabl to brave the relentless cold in search of the truth and discover what is left of the world by any means necessary.
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Transperceneige: L'arpenteur / Transperceneige: La traversée
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Published February 25th 2014 by Titan Comics (first published July 29th 2000

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rated it

They can apparently put chains on the wheels so it can hop off the tracks and cruise around on the frozen ocean, no explanation of how they onl got the train off the tracks or how they can actually steer a train ( most trains run on rails so there is no need for a steering wheel only an acceleration and brake lever).

rated it

I hink like a lot of people who were thrille by the fifth ook but ended up reading the firs, I was unwilling to find some glimmers of where the film grew out of.

rated it

They are often straight to dvd, have an entirely new cast, and although they seem like a carbon copy of the original characters and plot, they are devoid of the heart and creativity that made the original special.

Snowpiercer 2 is that straight to dvd sequel.

( hide spoiler) ] and rich people who chomp down on caviar while chilling in first class.What really did n't make sense to me was that his story followed a completely different train also known as the Snowpiercer.

rated it

Do not buy into the hype, and do not buy more than one volume before you now you 're lookin to like it.

rated it

I am endlessl amazed with the impressive concepts authors and filmmakers are coming up with in regard to potential post-apocalyptic societies and how they might play out.

And while the idea might sound simple, it ’ s not; there is a lot going on in the storyline, which give th series an epic must-have for comics fans! I was hesitant to even writ this series at first; the dea of he world ’ s survivors traveling around the globe on an enormous train almost sounds too far-fetched to even consider.

Another is certainly othing that should dissuade you from reading it…just a simple, personal opinion.SNOWPIERCER is a unique vision of what the future could potentially hold for mankind.

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