So I Let It Be

Kayal is a young woma on the cusp of womanhood. She oves to new neighbourhood in her small tow. She goe and befriends the mysterious and unconventional Damini, who turns her world upside down.

Mehr is a conventional woman, married to Ahmed who cares for her but can not communicate with her. Mehr 's life changes after a lon trip to Paris. What is the price we pay for freedom and what is freedom, when we get it?

Suggi is sentenced to burn for witchcraft but she does not feel that the evil Kadru has no intention of going anywhere.

Computer technician Kaliki has come to America from India to escape the clutches of her culture and all its expectations. Yet is she any different from the computers she programmes?

In his short story collection, the hemes of love, loss of individuality, madness, and an overwhelmingly poignant and profound sense of saudade are explored. Where do you ge to find yourself if everything you are is a product of something else?
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Published February 28th 2019 by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers

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rated it

Witness these beautiful stories by Sindhu.These are the Short stories that revolve around the lives of Khayal, Mehr, Suggi and Kalki.

plot of each story is different and amazingly full of twists.The stories revolve around themes like love, loss, friendship, suspense.

way he author portrayed stories is strong and commendable.

rated it

Whether it 's Kayal or Yuka or Lucy, frankly speaking I love all the characters in the book.At times I eel I am completely a feminist.

I love the way Author started and end the story that provoke readers to move forward to know what happens next.This is my third book of Sindhu Rajasekaran.

rated it

I found all the characters so deep and I wonder how the author struggle to resist her temptations on writing further about them.I wanted to fee more about what happened to Damini, I ant her to meet the married Kayal and know how she might react.

Asid from these characters, their internal and personal conflicts I loved thi very unconventional way the author has conceived the narratives.Before reading the nove I had my own fears and reservations about what he book ight be talking about.

Cos every direction you turn there will one pseudo feminist- wan na be- writer, who in name of writing empowering women characters will bark on how all men are cruel and sex monsters.

rated it

|| SO I LET IT BE ||bySINDHU RAJASEKARAN ✔ This book consists twelve Amazing short stories where female characters are leading the complete idea.

Another book doesnt contain fake feminism whatever Is bloomed by words that are realistic and justified clearly.

Medium to fast Reading book indeed.

After finishing his ook, I was contemplating that how difficult some women 's life wil be!

rated it

In my opinion character depth is the most significan thing a story an have and it is achieved only if its written in a right way, and in tha nove it is weaved perfectly.

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