Some Day Somebody: La Fleur de Love: Book One

He 's obviousl been a patient man, but nobod tells him she 's worth the wait. At 36, Carrie Jeansonne finds herself single again, with three teenagers in tow, and the new career. All she asks is a little stability in her life. What she feel is a eries of mysterious phone calls that keep her guessing. Is it her disgruntled ex-husband making the threatening calls, or someone much more dangerous? Sam Langley is knocking on 40, newly marrie, and feeling like he 's got othing to look forward to. When the former office clown turned Oscar the Grouch clashes with Carrie, it eems the two will forever be at odds. As Sam and Carrie 's unlikely friendship evolves into something more serious, the caller situation migrates into ugly and dangerous territory. Can they forge a path to happiness through a maze of intrigue and heartbreak before it 's too late?
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Published August 26th 2014 by Cajunflair Publishing (first published August 27th 2011

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ome Day Somebody by Lori Leger is a chilling romantic thriller that will assure you on edge as well as leave you rooting for love to ge a way.Carrie Jeansonne has recently divorced her controlling, cheating husband and it looking forward to providing a happy and stable life for her teenage children.

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One of he way that I enjoyed so much about his ook is the implicatio that our 'heroes' are completely " normal " people.

his may sound like a tin thing but after reading book after book where the main haracters are physically perfect ( although usually emotionally challenged!), it made a lovely change to read about characters that I can totall relate to.The suspense part of story was also well written, although the identity of the stalker came as no surprise, it was actuall written in way that made you ant to come and check your own doors or look over your shoulder.

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My favorite lines in he nove are between Carrie and Elaine. " I fel for sure you 'd ge me the old 'find yourself first speech. " " Are you lost? " " No, I do n't hink so. " Elaine 's laughter echoed through the cozy kitchen.

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A memoir was sooooo good!

I would efinitely be reading her next ook.

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