Spirit Dances

For Seattle detective Joanne Walker, spring is about new beginnings. She 's mastered her shamanic abilities ( mostly), survived a cannibalistic serial killer ( barely) and now she 's facing the biggest challenge of her career -- attending a dance concert with her sexy boss, Captain Michael Morrison. But when the performance -- billed as transformative -- actually changes her into a coyote, she and Morrison have bigger things to deal with.

And there 's more. Homeless people are disappearing, a mystical murder puts Joanne way out of her jurisdiction and with he full moon coming on, it 's looking like the iller is a monste that ca n't possibly exist.

But Jo could probably handle all of thi, if one ordinary homicide had n't pulle her to he very edge ....

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Spirit Dances
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Published March 22nd 2011 by Luna (first published January 1st 2011

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rated it

I sa I ’ m oing to pu little break from th series ..

his series doesn ’ t have enough romance for me.

rated it

The exploits of urban shaman Joanne Walker, Seattle police detective extraordinaire, continue.

Yet onl the most distant of relationships sometimes merge and dance to a different rhythm.A foot-in-mouth heroine who come from incredibly wise, to a gangly teenage in under 30 seconds, Walker treads her world as a warrior-shaman, dealing with cases that would keep the whol of us shudder.Here is a character we can laugh with and wince with.

rated it

Thi sounds so crass to say, like it 's all that I got ut of the novel.

I do n't realize what to do with that but I might give it since it makes me happy.I 'm unsure how much I like Jo 's transformation.

But alas, now I 'll stan and stew and wonder until book seven because she nows she 's got me hooked.

rated it

Like any good author Murphy gives us a mere HINT of the possibilities before flinging Jo back into the magi world that she has immersed herself in.

I love it when the author SHOWS me that character can learn and grow rather than just coming out, guns blazing, and knowing everything.

rated it

In regards to her relationships, ( view spoiler) [ I 'm sad that she and Coyote are starting to take their separate ways, because I actually like him a lot, and I do n't see how he is comin to spend a part of her life now since they took it to romantic level and he bviously wants to find it that way.

I 've me the Emerald City twice and did n't learn it ad a similar fire/rebuild history as Chicago ( my own hometown), including the fact that they raised the street level!

rated it

Although I ’ ve been frustrated at times by Joanne ’ s brute force way of dealing with magic, this installment strongly reinforces the idea of a build-up to transition.

In light of recent conversation, I feel ompelled to point out: Joanne has ad a few ifferent men interested in her over the nex ear, and often she ’ s shared that attraction.

I like Joanne, and I can ully understand why these en would as well.

he ocus of Spirit Dances stays on Jo ’ s magic rather than her police work- I found I was grateful for that as well.

That as he irst time I felt her shamanism take precedence over her detective identity, a hift that ‘ s appropriate and brings Joanne closer to findin her potential.

The year seems a long time to wait when the final pages have Joanne poised on the brink of Exciting Discoveries.

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