Stand into Danger

In 1774, Richard Bolitho is a newly appointed Third Lieutenant, joining the 28-gun frigate Destiny. Dispatched on a secret mission, Destiny and her company face the danger of conspiracy, treason, and piracy. It is amidst the broadside battles and clashes of swords that Bolitho learns to accept his new responsibilities as a King 's officer.
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Stand into Danger (The Bolitho Novels)
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Published April 1st 1998 by McBooks Press (first published December 31st 1979

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rated it

- Sorry for the messy review: only way I ould think of to review thi book stil not give much away.____________________________________________ I 'm angry.

( and do n't " fin " this unless you 've read series or already know) ( view spoiler) [ He diesNot now, admittedly, but after so many books he dies.

( hide spoiler) ] Th frustrating Three Stars; because I know what it 's capable of and now it has been aken away from me.

____________________________________________The review: ( view spoiler) [ Plot: Three Stars This books plot is great and yet not so great.

Ultimately, and s nly has the impacted by enjoyment of the books but my reviews as well, the knowledge I got from that timeline made it xtremely hard for me to connect to the protagonist, the situation or the plot-line.

Really, I repeat, For your own 'safety' I advise you against reading the timeline, or any possible reviews which might contain spoilers.Characters: Three Stars Again, and I sa you 're probably getting bored of hearing me go on and on about this, but the spoiler at the en of book- in that Damned Timeline- ruined this section for me.

Obviously, gain, his is a well written part of this nove that has been ruined by the spoiler in the timeline.

Writing: Three Stars The one area that was n't particularly ruined by the spoiler.

Bah. A potentially great book, and a potentially awesome series, ruined by one publishers decision to insert a timeline that completely ruined it for me.

Not, I repeat, DO NOT READ THE TIMELINE, nor anything else that might provide spoilers.

rated it

As a newly-minted lieutenant in the British Royal Navy, Richard Bolitho is assigned to HMS Destiny, a frigate that has just been newly commissioned.

Another issue of loyalty- loyalty to the captain, the ship and the Navy ( in that order) and loyalty of his men to Bolitho are themes that return again and again throughout the narrative.

rated it

It is 1774 and Richard Bolitho is a newly appointed third lieutenant on a frigate dispatched on a secret mission.This book was truly fascinating in the way that it was historical fiction but written in the nineties, the writing style is practically fiction itself.

rated it

Treasure, Treachery and Forbidden Love- 3 Stars Stand into Danger is the 4th book is this series about Richard Bolitho, a young officer in the Royal Navy.

Plot summary Richard once again inds himself aboard a new and much larger ship, Destiny.

Having recently completed his officer 's exam, he asks himself in the unfamiliar position as third Third Lieutenant aboard the ship.

While al of these appear in this volume ( fleeting love interest) much of the standard fare is not present.

Another Bad While the detail and characters are als drawn, the story progression drags the book down.

Final Thoughts While I was on the fence about this volume, I would ertainly read on at some point.

ad I been aware of this series in my arly eens, I imagine I would have quickly devoured each and every book in series.

Content Advisories It is easy to find commentary on the sex/violence/language content of book if you are interested.

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