Stanford Wong Flunks Big-time

Stanford Wong is in big trouble -- or as he would spell it, " trubble " -- in this laugh-out-loud companion to the award-winning MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS and this season 's HC, EMILY EBERS.

Stanford Wong is having a bad summer. If he flunks his summer-school English class, he wo n't pass sixth grade. If that happens, he wo n't start on the A-team. If* that* happens, his friends will abandon him and Emily Ebers wo n't like him anywa. And if HAT happens, his life ill be over. Soon his parents are fighting, his grandmother Yin-Yin hates her new nursing home, he 's being " tutored " by the world 's biggest nerdball Millicent Min -- and he 's ot sure his ballpoint " Emily " tattoo is ever going to wash off.
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Stanford Wong Flunks Big-time
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Published April 1st 2007 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published 2005

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rated it

Chapter book- realisticFor 5th-7th gradeStanford is looking forward to basketball camp, until he flunks English and spends the summer in school, being tutored, and making unexpected friends in this funny story.If Stanford does n't pass English, he ca n't play on the best basketball team in seventh grade.

Readers of Yee 's earlier ook, Millicent Min, Girl Genius, will enjoy reading the flip side of hat story, his time getting Stanford 's perspective with plenty of the same humor- if a little grosser.

rated it

Sadly, he turn to summer school, and acts like the biggest 2-year old ever.

So Stanford claims he has " friends. " Great friends you have who you think are willing to abandon you when they find out you take classes over the winte.

Additionally, Stanford is like this really mean kid.

He 's constantly making fun of this genius named Millicent Min, this really nice Chinese girl that 's just pretendin to save him pass the summer school class by tutoring him.

rated it

Standford Wong is your average teenager: Longing to prove himself, sports jock, blows off school in general and his nerdy tutor ( Millicent Min) and is constantly ressured to get good grades by his fiance and wife.

rated it

Lastly, Yin Yin, is an important friend and confidant to Stanford throughout the nove and her transition to the facility ends up havin a good one.

He turn up passing English and connecting with his teacher, keeping his friends, building a better elationship with his mo, getting the girl, and ets to stay a member of he basketball team.Classroom applications for this book are plenty, but best suited for grades 6-8.

his wil also be a ba book to use to as a mentor text to help model a simple story arc that keeps one main character as the focus of everything.

rated it

Stanford learned that he needed to put more effort because he woul n't o to basketball camp because he had flunked reading.

rated it

In my ever-long quest in examining Asian American teen fiction, I gave Stanford Wong a try and have to admit, I am a fan.

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