Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers is classic novel by one of science fiction 's greatest writers of all time and is ow a Tri-Star movie. In one of Heinlein 's most controversial bestsellers, a recruit of the future goes through the toughest boot camp in the universe -- and into battle with the Terran Mobile Infantry against mankind 's most frightening enemy.
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Starship Troopers
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Published May 1968 by Berkley Publishing Corp. (first published December 1959

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I suppose, when you see some of Heinlein 's later books ( Stranger in a Strange Land, 1961; I Will Fear No Evil, 1970), you may fin the idea that he 's some ind of hippy New Age prophet, and that Starship Troopers is poking fun at the militaristic right.

Stranger in a Strange Land was originally onceived as a satire; Heinlein was surprised to see that people liked it and read it straight, and, more flexible than he 's als made out, he rewrote it that way and followed it up with couple of similar books.Many more people are taking Starship Troopers at face value, and realiz how it presents the military in a ositive light.

Heinlein 's metaphysics were distinctly odd: he was n't sure that he wanted the rest of the universe much, or perhap if it existed in the second place.

final paragraph gives us to nderstand that man people may not exist at all.As we see, Heinlein rather likes solipsism, which, when you ge down to it, is n't as ridiculous a philosophical position as you ca kno.

Heinlein has a strong feelin of self, and refuses to erect a barrier, as tangible as possible, between him and the whol of thi world.

Generally, Space Cadet ( 1948), which I read at primary school, is hastily written and uninspired; but soon, the las scene I can recall clearly is the one where the teenage hero throws up in his space suit after inadvisedly drinking a mint julep.

The Mobile Infantry Suit simultaneously cuts off its wearer from the est of thi world, and akes him almost invincible.

As already noted, Heinlein was n't writing a satire- he appeared to believe in this stuff- but I hink he found a good way to dramatize what it means to hav a member of the American military-industrial complex.

The Suit gives its wearer superhuman technological powers, while excluding the rest of thi world to the point where it barely exists at all.

In Heinlein 's world, one only becomes a full citizen after serving in the arm.

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Johnny Rico is a soldier in more than merely name, and he reader realizes this through this narrative.For those of you who have seen he film incarnation of this tory, simply forget it.

If you ar actuall seen the ovie, as I sai before, forget it.There is one thing I shoul mention that is erhaps the fault of th essay.

he society could very well work if it was implemented exactly in the fashion it is escribed in his ovel, but the transition from our current societal structure to this system of government is EXTREMELY unlikely.

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hese guys get dropped onto planets with their spacesuits and their big guns, and they can incinerate some little brown people like you ould n't understan, then they can leave without a single casualty.

It 's my review, and I 'll argue with a dead guy if I forgot to.) Heinlein 's protagonist also makes an argument about the prison system and how it does n't actually reform those who do time.

Uhh, yeah, back to symbolic logic class with you, Bob. But moving on ... I found it extremely interesting how dualistic our protagonist 's thinking is when it goe to ALL PEOPLE.

Eventually, within the military, the guys who ar n't made a jump are lesser than those who ave, Protagonist 's peeps look down on the Navy and get in fights with them, etc.

Even, reading his book got me thinking about the perspective of this rotagonist, and thinking about the me and marines I 've known, and ... well ... maybe as much as I isagree with this idea, perhaps it 's a necessary mindset for someone in the ilitary.

So aybe we need some people who think in this dualistic way.

These rambling monologues where Heinlein was channeled through his protagonist were just as ntertaining, if not moreso, than the soldiers vs.

If that does n't sound like you, you ight just find Heinlein 's politics annoying.

*: ( There 's some contention on Goodreads about whether or not his is another case, but thi way I understoo the book is that you should only vote if you 've joined the military -- although you might neve have seen combat depending on the job you ended up with.

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Obviously, you ould watch the beginning of Full Metal Jacket and skip reading that whole part and save yourself some time, and be more entertained in the meantime.

Next you 're treated to an extended lashback where a teacher ( who is quite obviously channelling the author) lectures his students ( representing the reader) about the major reason for the ownfall of society in the past ( today!).

It does keep me wonder about the particular proclivities of the poet, but that 's neither here nor there.So now that our main haracter, Johnny Rico, is a full-fledged soldier we can finally come to some action after half the book is already finished, right?

You should clearl see action in his novel that is advertised to be about killing gigantic outer space bugs.

Anyway, you might be treated to the doldrums of a soldier that is n't busy killing things.

These ones got hurt. " Then Rico goes to officer training school where we get more detail about learning things!

At least not the way it 's depicted here.Do n't be fooled by the first en pages of memoir, which actually contain more action than the other hundred and ninety.

A ook is just awful.

rated it

My dad ad a lot of SF books around the house, particularly Heinlein 's, and I read most of them, except the especially sexy ones that he hid from me.

I 'm pretty certain that Heinlein is rolling in his grave over Paul Verhoeven 's satirical treatment of his military screed.And I 'm onl confused why Teenage Me thought this as the great book ...

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