Steal the Dragon

he fifth book in the Sianim series from the# 1 New York Times bestselling uthor of the Mercy Thompson series and the Alpha and Omega novels ...

When Rialla was young, slave traders from Darran ambushed her clan, killing all the wome and enslaving the women and children. For months, Rialla lived in bondage, serving her master while waiting for th chance to escape. When that chance came, she made the best of it—and fled to the mercenary nation of Sianim…

ow she can strike back at her former masters. A lord in Darran seeks to outlaw slavery—but there are plots to kill him before he can. Rialla is chosen by the spymaster of Sianim to prevent the murder—and is plunged into th world of deadly magic, where gods walk in human form. Where her most trusted companions are not what they claim. And where Rialla could be enslaved again…
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Steal the Dragon (Sianim, #2)
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Published March 3rd 2007 by Ace (first published November 1st 1995

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rated it

Still not having read the irst is no problem because this is complete standalone ( apparently the two books share some side characters) in which former dancer/slave, Rialla, is approached to return to the land of her slavery on an important mission for the Spymaster of the mercenary nation of Sianim.

With Laeth rescued and heading back to the Spymaster with the irst part of the required intelligence, it ’ s eft up to Rialla and Tris to find real iller and that, means Rialla is going to ave to let herself fall into her former owner ’ s clutches again.Patricia Briggs has learned a lot about writing since she wrote ‘ Steal the Dragon ’, but he early promise was definitely there and tha is well worth reading.

Happily her abilities to bring out characters and their issues and not pu the easy option have developed at a great rate ( see the Mercy Thompson novels for proof of that), owever I ’ m looking forward to catching up ( retrospectively) with some other early Patricia Briggs novels to see the progressive development of a huge talent.Oh, and Steal the Dragon is a sneaky chess-like game of skill, strategy and guile which Tris is delighted to find Rialla can not only play, but can beat him at, too.

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A Darran lord wants to end the slavery.Sianim is……a mercenary nation concerned about Cybelle 's intentions.

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( view spoiler) [ He has the heroine brought to his chamber for sex because she 's a slave and that 's his " right " He 's not violent and she does n't fight, but it is still rape.

If Briggs had written this today, I have th feeling she 'd have gotten at least two books out of it and the romance would not have been consummated until book 2.

I am certain Briggs knew the abrupt HEA at the beginnin was premature and therefore let it fade to black, leaving reader to decide if it was consummated.

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title of book efers to a game that is imilar to chess.The premise of tal is that an escaped slave ( Rialla) is joine by the spymaster to go on mission to protect th an who could prevent war from overtaking several kingdoms.

rated it

teal the Dragon is book two in the Sianim series by Patricia Briggs and narrated by Jennifer James Bradshaw.

Both those books focus on Aralorn who is an nteresting protagonist, but in Steal the Dragon we get different characters in the same world just a different part of he world.

Rialla is a former dancer/slave who is sked to return to the land of her slavery on an important mission for the Spymaster of the mercenary guild.

Has she really left slavery behind her, even though she ’ s found her way to the mercenary guild and th new life.

With Laeth on his way back to the mercenary guild with part of the nformation, Tris and Rialla stay behind to find real iller, which send her in her former owner ’ s clutches again.There is slavery and all that hat involve.

Find the Dragon

rated it

sing her powers as an empath and the elp of her healer friend Tris, Rialla realizes that she 's will always e a slave, the memories and wounds will always be there, but its up to her to overcome the fears and pain these wounds engender, not eve for herself but for everyone she cares about.Patricia Briggs has a simila talent in making her readers fall in love with her protagonist, and particularl if you do n't fall in love with them you are reall rooting for them and want verything to work out for them.

I always fee that Rialla has a male riend, Laeth in Steal the Dragon and he 's JUST that.

There 's no hreat of a love triangle, or any sexual tension between her and Laeth.A lot of times for whatever reason, authors do n't provide a male and female character to just be friends.

Rialla and Laeth are friends, and I love their elationship, their relationship and I looked forward to scenes between the two of them.What 's crazy about his ook ... a book came after Patricia 's first book Masques, which was fascinatin but hard to ead as far as the writing went.

Thi other reason is because I hink this early on in her writing, Patricia 's ability to really execute a full story was a bit eak.

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