Steven Universe, Vol. 2

Back to Beach City!

It is always an average day in he life of Steven Universe! From helping the Crystal Gems fight creatures to helping out a friend in need, Steven is always up to something. Join Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as they keep Beach City weird!

Written by international indie all-star Jeremy Sorese ( A REMINDER, ADVENTURE TIME™) and illustrated by the insanely talented Coleman Engle ( REGULAR SHOW™), STEVEN UNIVERSE™ explores the magical world of the hit Cartoon Network show with all new adventures sure to ake your gem shine.
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Published March 22nd 2016 by KaBOOM!

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I have to put them there with my own understanding of hese characters, and I have to imagine their delivery based on knowledge of their voices and intended inflection; I ofte had to struggle to do thi, which means the comic derives its specialness mostly from its inspiration, not really from its delivery or originality.And just like the next volume, I want he activity was sometimes hard to follow in action scenes and the stories are all in a weird limbo: there 's no beginning where new readers an learn about Steven and the other Gems, and thi little stories do n't build to anything ( with the notable exception of a single two-part story that opened in issue 5 and closed in issue 6).

I love getting to spend a little extra time with the protagonist in one-off adventures or sweet moments of their lives, especially Steven 's bits with Connie.Here is a quick ( okay, probably not so quick) run-through of each issue 's stories, with notable bits for fans of the show.

( Instead, not really sorry.) ISSUE FIVE contains the comics " Library, Part One, " " Bubble Trouble, " " Steven-less!, " " Winter in July, " and " Day With Onion. " " Library, Part One " ( Full-length, color): Plot: Connie discovers that Beach City has n't had a public library since a Gem attack sometime in the past, so she and Steven decide to collect old stuff to sell at a yard sale so they coul find the money to start a library.

But omething in the mess she sucked into her Gem makes her too sick to complete mission, and she omes home sneezing -- and every time she sneezes, yard sale junk is expelled forcibly from her Gem. Garnet, wanting Steven to help finish what he started, drags Steven with her into realm inside Pearl 's Gem to find the stuf that 's making her ill.

Pearl is grossed out when Garnet suggests she 's " throwing up " and nsists that they refer to it as " expelling. ":) " Bubble Trouble " ( Two-page short, color): Plot: Steven 's frustrated that he ca n't generate his shield at will, and Amethyst helps him realize he 's usually in a dangerous situation when he ulls it out.

his must take place before that started happening regularly. " Selfie " ( One-page short, color): Plot: This is mayb a color illustration of Amethyst and Pearl taking a selfie together on a highly decorated, cell-charm-festooned flip phone.

phone has cell charms of Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Steven, Lion, Cookie Cat, and anothe Big Donut. " Steven-less! " ( One-page short, color): Plot: Connie comes to Steven 's house to read book together, and is humiliate to be welcome by the Gems while Steven is away getting donuts.

She 's relieved when Steven comes home from buying donuts.Notable: It 's unclear when this is taking place because Connie seemed shocked that Amethyst was shapeshifted as a pet, but she saw Amethyst shapeshift the second time she met her ( in " Lion 2: The Movie, " which ired in April 2014, while this comic was published in December 2014).

Additionally, nothing we 've seen so far suggests Amethyst could get trapped in any shapeshifted form, but erhaps it 's possible! " Winter in July " ( One-page short, color): Plot: A Gem monster called a snowbeast attacks and causes snow in July.

Steven, anxious to wear his snow gear and celebrate the winter, suits up, but the Gems defeat the creature while he 's away and the temperature returns to normal, so he misses all the fun.Notable: This skit and the previous one are collectively credited as " Side Tracks " on the opening page of this issue. " Th Day With Onion " ( One-page short, color): Plot: Steven encounters Onion on the pier throwing fry bits into the ocean.

ISSUE SIX contains the comics " Library, Part Two, " " Air Control, " " Lion 's Share, " and " King Hotdog. " " Library, Part Two " ( Full-length, color): Plot: The " something is making Pearl sick " plot continues from the previous issue, with Garnet and Steven inside Pearl 's Gem space trying to prov and remove whatever 's making a mess.

Amethyst and Connie take care of Pearl while Steven and Garnet chase the Gem that 's embedded in th book cover.

he book Gem is one of he very few items that has been bubbled without being removed from its " body, " joining the company of the Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth and the Desert Glass. " Air Control " ( One-page short, color): Plot: This is mayb a wordless drawing of the Gems, with Garnet in the foreground dressed as an old-timey plane pilot wearing three-eyed flight goggles, featuring a propeller plane in the background containing Pearl in the fuselag, Amethyst on the ose of the plane with a wrench, and an illustration of Steven on the side of the plane.Notable: The characters do n't eve own a plane like this in the show as far as we wan, but it 's ossible they would; they did once randomly have a " Gem Sloop " in episode 6 and it was alway mentioned again. " Lion 's Share " ( Two-page short, color): Plot: Pearl is taking great pleasure in sweeping the floor until she realizes Lion has left a half-eaten lizard on the balcon.

She explodes over it ( and accidentally offends Amethyst when she thinks Pearl means her when she refers to " that beast "), but when Lion affectionately rubs up on her, she learns that she should ave to tolerate his " innate feline habits, " s if she wo n't be keeping his " gifts. " Notable: The lizard whose remains Lion left on the floor looks exactly like the lizard he was gnawing on in " Lion 2: The Movie. " It 's also interesting to see Lion being affectionate toward someone who is n't Steven. " King Hotdog " ( Short, black and white): Plot: Amethyst enters a hotdog-eating competition and is disallowed from adding Fire Salt to her meal because condiments are n't allowed.

( The list also puts " Air Control " after " Lion 's Share " even though " Air Control " comes first in the issue, but I do n't now if that 's a mistake because it does n't say anywhere that this is an ordered table of contents.) ISSUE SEVEN contains the comics " Storytime, " " Wild Animals, " " Car Trouble, " " Garden, " and " Mean Look. " " Storytime " ( Full-length, color): Plot: Connie and Pearl are discussing fantasy novels.

There are couple language mistakes: Steven says " If it get 's stuck, " and Connie says " Everything has it 's place. " " Car Trouble " ( Two-page short, color): Plot: Greg, Steven, and Garnet are in Greg 's van driving through the ain, and they get stuck in the ud.

Previously, it 's neat to think the three of them were going somewhere together without the others, like they did for their road trip later in " Keystone Motel. " " Garden " ( One-page short, color): Plot: This is ust a wordless art page depicting Steven and Connie riding on Lion through a beautiful, weird forest. " Mean Look " ( Short, black and white): Plot: The Gems are fighting some kind of plant monster that can shoot teleportation beams, and in the middle of he battle Steven spots Onion sitting on a rock eating a snack.

ISSUE EIGHT contains the comics " Clock Work, " " Enjoying the Sun, " " Opal 's Day Off, " and " Dog Show. " " Clock Work " ( Full-length, color): Plot: The Gems are on a mission to reset a Gem-powered clock, but on their way up the clock starts flinging pieces of stone at them, which separates Amethyst and Steven from Garnet and Pearl.

until they 're unwilling to use his skill to complete mission! Notable: It 's adorable that Steven thinks they 're playing football at first, not tennis.The COVER GALLERY at the end features three covers for each of the four issues.

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