Stone Devil Duke

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London, 1819

Marked for death, Lady Augustine Christopherson finds herself scouring the slums of London in a desperate search to uncove the men who kidnappe her mothe, and are determined to dispose of her. To restor her family, to protect herself, she is determined to get the men before they find her.

Anothe only thing she anted was an entanglement with a duke that threatens her very survival ...

Hardened long ago, the next thing the Duke of Dunway wanted was an entanglement with a chit of the ton. But in the flash of a pistol, his fate is altered as he tells himself honor-bound to protect Lady Augustine from, of all things, herself.

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Stone Devil Duke
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Published April 19th 2014 by AWD Publishing

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rated it

What an abject moron.Add to this some of the stupid xpressions and terms that clearly do not fit into that period of time, the act that no one seems to proof read the manuscript before it is printed and so you fin a lot of things like using " you " instead of " your ", " no " instead of " not " and on and on ad infinitum.And probably, the reason that Aggie did not spit into the face of Devin at the nd of this novel, as I and probably most women would do after what he, in essence and fact, had caused to happen to her.Needless to say, I wo n't be reading any other books by K.J. Jackson.

rated it

You ca n't really blame me for the length of this review; about half of it is highlighted quotes from thi nove.

At about 27% I won the bet.) Naturally, she shoul do it alone ( except for the boy she involves, who breaks up beaten, which of course she considers justification for her decision and not the result of collective stupidity).

" I tell you think I am stupid—an idiot for doing all this on my own. " See?

ell, they 're drunk.) I have serious problems with books like tha.

serious problems pop up when I sa, oh, I do n't now, acceptable writing.

Language, and the use thereof throughout the nove, is … odd.

- " Catapulted her into whirlwind of indignation " …- " I wan to request that we not be seen cavorting with each other. " Hav you planning on cavorting?

See below.- " Introductions and requests to land on her dance card petered in " – To ...

Here is quote truly awesome in its wut?? -ness: Aggie: " Blazes bite your ass, sir.

nly a hell-bound rogue would sneak onto a lady like that. " I do n't always understan where to egin.

Or this: " She blustered a look that reeked of pity " Um.

Again, that 's a quote worth a thousand words, right there.

ow, sometimes when I pick up nove like ( a " historical romance ") this I go a bit mad and expect – along with decent writing – some degree of historical accuracy.

- Another anachronism: " Aggie tuned in and out of her grandmother and uncle 's chattering ".

Wilder. " NINETEEN fifteen.) I sincerely hate it when th girl in these period novels uses a man 's first name far too uickly, and his book scored that square on the Awful HistRom Bingo Card™.

( When Amazon hands me lemons, I rea long book reviews.) The heroine is … undefined.

Her mother is three and a half feet tall.

So just pulsating – VERY pulsating.) " He already had a plan set in mind to finish off these four, but decided to now what this woman was about. " He ponders this in the middle of a gunfight – which, as one tiny point in ook 's favor, is an example of when you ought to bring a knife to a gunfight.

And because she is n't eally a kitten, he naturally assumes … well, here: " Was it ossible, as bold as she ha, that she was not experienced in the edroom? " Oddly for this kin of ook, I ad no idea how old Aggie was supposed to be at his point, but regardless: Why ould you assume otherwise about a gently brought up girl in 1819 London?

He gropes " her exposed breast " in th garden – and " ... He did n't think Aggie even knew where his hand had been ... " Right.

I guess they wil be forcibly separated or forced to marry, but why, without evidence that the woma would be ( or ould be) pregnant, would the wedding be forced so fast?

( hide spoiler) ] he one thing I enuinely enjoyed about the half of his ook that I read as the Marquess of Southfork.

With that use of " wan ", Texas makes sense.

( Similarly, with he elief he was from Texas, " sure " makes sense.) Oh, and someone keeps calling the Heroine " Aggie, honey " and " Aggie, sweetie " – that 's pretty US Southern, right?

There was one other remark I did njoy, though I honestly do n't now if it was allowe to be as unny as it is.

Stil she was leaving? " ( Funny enough, a lot of the cussing in the ook was from Aggie, our genteel gentle heroine.) But this… this has promise: " Dribble on that, Howard. "

rated it

an not wait to read las two books based on Killian, Devin 's friend and Jason, Aggie 's brother.

rated it

There was some sexual tension in his memoi, which I like, and some nicely written sex.

There were some glaring 21st century phrases used.

Silly, I know.Other than that this was actually a wonderful book.

rated it

Rap, ystery, torture, rap, romance and hot and steamy sex.

They had some great hot and steamy sex too.The story line and plot were great.

There is lots of great dialogue throughout the ntire ook.

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